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Tesla Model S Plaid defeats the 840 hp Dodge Demon ICE monster in a drag racing competition


Here’s a new challenger that wants to try its luck against the Tesla Model S Plaid in a drag race battle — a Dodge Demon with a 6.2L Supercharged V8 engine that produces 840 hp of power (and a whole lot of polluting smoke too).

Since Brooks Weisblat, the host of DragTimes/YouTube channel bought his red Tesla Plaid, he’s up to defeating every internal combustion engine (ICE) sports and modified car on the dragstrip.

He even rented a blue Tesla Model S Plaid to teach a lesson to the McLaren 600LT and sustain a decent defeat by the 1,914 hp Rimac Nevera electric hypercar.

However, this one is a different story, this one is an iconic American muscle car that’s against another American car of the new era with an electric drivetrain. Two beasts from the same motherland.

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Tesla Model S Plaid vs. Dodge Demon specs comparison

 Tesla Model S Plaid2018 Dodge Demon
Engine / DrivetrainTri-Motor (AC permanent magnet synchronous motor, carbon-fiber-wrapped rotor, liquid-cooled, with variable frequency drive (1x motor in the front, 2x motors in the rear) / AWD6.0L Supercharged V8 / RWD
TransmissionFront: Single speed fixed gear, 7.5:1. Enhanced lubrication, Rear: Independent single speed fixed gear, 7.5:1. Dry sump lubrication8-speed 8HP90 automatic
0-60 mph1.99 seconds2.1 seconds
Top speed200 mph (322 km/h)*203 mph (~327 km/h)
Power1,020 hp840 hp
Torque1,050 lb-ft (Motor Trend)770 lb-ft (2,360 Nm)
1/4 mile time9.23 seconds9.54 seconds
Weight4,833 lbs (2,192 kg)4,280 lbs (2,150 kg)
Starting Price (USD)$129,990$85,000

With an astonishing 2.1 seconds 0-60 mph time, the 2018 Dodge Demon is one of the most worthy ICE contenders that Model S Plaid will ever face. Demon’s wheels are wrapped in aftermarket full slicks (tires) and it’s also equipped with the special race gas.

Let’s watch how it performs against an electric car that was actually built as a luxury sedan and now holds the crown of the quickest mass-production car ever built.


In the 1st drag race (out of 3), the Dodge Demon launched significantly quicker and better than the Plaid. But I think it was the mistake of the Plaid driver here, however, the Model S still won the race (results table below).

The Plaid Model S launched correctly in the 2nd race, it totally outclassed the Demon in this one.

In the 3rd race, the Tesla Model S Plaid left the Dodge Demon far behind in the side view mirror, just as the ICE technology is getting outdated each day.


Attempt #Model S Plaid2018 Dodge Demon
19.312 s @150.85 mph10.295 s @134.03 mph
29.367 s @149.61 mph10.230 s @134.15 mph
39.381 s @149.88 mph10.668 s @133.76 mph

The above results are the reason that Dodge has decided to make an electric car. Why? “Performance made us do it,” they say in a teaser video the American automobile company said in the following teaser video released last month.

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