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Giga Texas-made Tesla Model Y Standard Range spotted with better build quality, Giga Castings, and 4680 cells


A Tesla Model Y Standard AWD made at Gigafactory Austin, Texas was spotted in the wild days after the first one seen during the Cyber Rodeo event. Tesla owner Dan Burkland saw this Model Y charging at the Cedar Park Tesla Supercharger location in Texas.

What Dan noticed first was the better build quality of the vehicle compared to a Model Y built at the Fremont factory in California. This chance gave him the opportunity to take detailed pictures of the Giga Texas-made Model Y from almost all angles.

He even took pictures from under the vehicle capturing the single-piece front underbody Giga Casting and other underbody parts of this Model Y. This specific vehicle looks like a factory testing car and production versions should be even better.

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The Deep Blue Metallic color (optional $1,000) on this Texas-made Model Y also looks great as the paint shop of Giga Texas is more advanced than the Fremont factory as well just like the one at Giga Berlin.

Tesla constantly improves and upgrades its factories by taking the previous mistakes and experiences into account when building a new factory. Giga Texas is the latest iteration of Tesla’s manufacturing engineering excellence, so we should be expecting better-built ars from this plant.

Although Tesla has showcased the Model Y-front and rear single-piece castings both at the Giga Berlin Giga Fest and Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo, looking at these parts while installed on a vehicle is another thing.

Tesla Model Y-front underbody Giga Casting (single-piece) as seen installed on a live vehicle. Credit: Dan Burkland / Twitter.

Besides the VIN code showing that this is a Giga Texas-made Model Y, the underbody casting also has its own serial number [GTX22368AA0183 / MY CAST ONE PIECE FUB (front underbody)] showing it’s manufactured at the same location.

Photos of the underbody of a Giga Texas-made Model Y Standard AWD.

The initial batch of the Model Y Standard AWD vehicles has been delivered to Giga Texas employees. According to a Giga Texas employee who works in the cell manufacturing division, the Model Ys delivered to employees are equipped with the new 4680 cells.

However, there has been no official confirmation if the higher-end Model Y Performance variant is getting manufactured at the factory or not.

Because of the shift from 2170 cells to 4680 cells, the world is eager to see the difference in performance that the new cell technology along with the structural battery brings to the race track.

Tesla Model Y Standard AWD has an EPA estimated range of 279 miles.
Giga Texas-made Tesla Model Y Standard AWD spotted in the wild. Credit: Dan Burkland / Twitter.

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