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Tesla starts delivering RHD Model Y electric SUVs in Japan


The Tesla Model Y mid-size electric SUV has finally reached Japan after a long wait. The US-based automaker started Tesla Model Y deliveries in Japan last week on Friday 9th September 2022.

Tesla employees and owners receiving deliveries for their Model Y celebrated the event at Tesla stores across Japan.

The official Twitter accounts of Tesla Japan and Tesla HQ shared the news with photos on the social media platform.

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Photos: First Tesla customers in Japan to receive their Model Y electric SUVs.

A Reddit user had posted pictures of the Model Y delivery event held at the Tesla store and service center in Toyonaka, Japan even before the electric automaker announced it officially.

Photo: The Tesla store in Toyonaka, Japan, delivers the 1st batch of Model Y electric SUVs to lucky customers. Credit: u/willmistrot / Reddit.

While the initial batch of Tesla Model Y customers have received their Model Y SUVs in Japan, some of the Model 3 customers have been waiting for months to get their cars.

Some Tesla customers who had booked both Model 3 and Model Y vehicles are expected to get their Model Y before the Model 3 despite placing the order for the Model 3 earlier than the Y.

These Model Y EVs are most probably made at the automaker’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, China. But since Japanese cars have to be RHD (Right-Hand Drive), production and deliveries have become so late for the small 1st-world Asian country.

The UK also has an RHD system and the steering wheel has to be on the right-hand side. But Tesla started delivering RHD Model Ys to the UK back in February (looks like the entire RHD Model Y production was going to the UK until now).

Another issue with Tesla vehicles in Japan is their size. Exactly one year ago, we covered the story of a Tesla Model 3 owner from Japan who shared his thoughts on why Tesla is not thriving in an economically thriving country full of early adopters.

Most parking spaces both at home and in public places in Japan are not enough to accommodate even a Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model Y is 2.2 inches longer (187 in vs. 184.8 in) and 2.8 inches wider compared to the Model 3 (72.8 vs. 75.6). Parking this big of a vehicle at home and in public spaces is going to be a challenge for the Tesla Model Y owners.

It remains to be seen if this hurdle will lower the popularity of the Model Y in Japan. Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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Employees of Tesla Japan celebrate the start of Model Y electric SUV deliveries. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.



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I live in Tokyo and just ordered a Model 3 LR. My wife and I would have preferred the Model Y, but as you said there aren’t nearly enough places to park it in Tokyo. Need more Superchargers too.

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