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Cybertruck with design improvements spotted in new video as Tesla puts it into the tooling phase


A new video of the Tesla Cybertruck has surfaced online that shows the Cybertruck with some significant design changes.

Just earlier this week, Tesla updated the status of Cybertruck production from ‘development’ to ‘tooling’ in the company’s Q3 2022 update.

In this new video (below), the most visible change that Tesla has made to the Cybertruck is its tail lights. As the vehicle parks, a new pattern of brake lights can be seen which was never witnessed before.

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Near-production Tesla Cybertruck prototype with improved tail lights spotted at Giga Texas. Credit: @AstroS3xy / Twitter.

In the previous Cybertruck prototypes, the rear lighting setup was just a red light slit across the tailgate (see pic below). The lighting area (the black bar) width has also been increased to accommodate the additional side brake lights we can see in the above picture.

We can also see that Tesla has added reverse lights on both sides of the Cybertruck license plate.

If we closely look at both the new prototype picture above and the photo of the old one below, we can see that Tesla has also added two red reflectors at the bottom of the tailgate as well.

Rear view of the Tesla Cybertruck prototype before the recent changes made in October 2022. Credit: Tesla retail investor @whymentc / Twitter.
Video of a close-to-production Tesla Cybertruck prototype (widescreen version below).

We can also see possible mountings for the front and rear bullbars on this prototype. Tesla will most probably be offering optional bullbars and winch features for owners that want a rougher and off-roader-style look of the Cybertruck.

Two new covered-body shells of the Cybertruck were spotted at Giga Texas last Friday as local observer Joe Tegtmeyer was flying his drone over the factory.

Now that the Cybertruck has entered the tooling phase, these body shells were brought to Giga Texas for the sake of production machines and robot calibration to start preparation for setting up a production line. Tesla has an estimated production start timeline for the Cybetruck of late next year in the works.

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Tesla Cybertruck prototype with new changes at Giga Texas (Cyber Rodeo).



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