Tesla offers free Supercharging on Thanksgiving at select locations in the United States



The Holiday Season for 2022 is knocking on the door and like always, Tesla is going to let its car owners enjoy it to the fullest. To have more freedom on Thanksgiving holidays this week, Tesla offers free Supercharging in 4 different states of the US this year.

However, there are a select few locations where Tesla is offering free Supercharging in California, Texas, Nevada, and Oklahoma. Tesa owners need to reach a designated Supercharger station during off-peak hours to enjoy this free Supercharging offer by the EV automaker (list of Supercharger stations below).

If your charging session ends before 9 AM in the morning or you plug in your Tesla after 8 PM in the evening at one of the following Superchargers, you will be able to get free Supercharging. This offer by Tesla is valid from Wednesday, November 23 – Sunday, November 27.

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Thanksgiving Free Tesla Supercharger Locations (2022)


This Thanksgiving, Tesa has enabled the following 18 Supercharger locations in California that offer free Supercharging. This offer will also enable many Tesla owners to fight the rising Supercharging costs in California at least during Thanksgiving week and the weekend.

With the densest Tesla population in the United States and the entire world, California is the most hungry for charging needs as well. This state also has one of the largest Supercharger stations as well.

In 2020, Tesla built a Supercharger in Firebaugh, CA with 56 V3-level charging stalls. But the 100-stall Supercharger station in Harris Ranch, California beat it by a fair margin.

Kettleman City Supercharcharger is also on this list which has 96 charging stalls, a good opportunity to hit in off-peak hours and get your car charged with a possibility of a vacant spot.

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  • Baker, CA
  • Bakersfield, CA – I-5
  • Bakersfield, CA – Copus Road (Limited Amenities)
  • Barstow, CA
  • Barstow, CA – East Main Street
  • Barstow, CA – Tanger Way
  • Buttonwillow, CA – I-5
  • Firebaugh, CA
  • Gustine, CA
  • Harris Ranch, CA
  • Hesperia, CA
  • Kettleman City, CA
  • Kettleman City, CA – Bernard Drive
  • Patterson, CA – Speno Dr
  • Santa Nella, CA
  • Tejon Ranch, CA
  • Tejon Ranch, CA – Outlets at Tejon Pkwy
  • Yermo, CA


  • Denton, TX

Yes, only 1 location in the Tesla HQ state of Texas.


  • Primm, NV


  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Ardmore, OK

Tesla recommends that you use the Trip Planner available on Tesla vehicles’ center touchscreen display to easily navigate to the desired Supercharger location and also know how many stalls are free to use as you reach your destination (see video below for guidance).

Video: Tesla Trip Planner.


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