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Tesla rolls out FSD Beta, V11 release pushed to December (test videos)


When everyone thought Tesla is on the verge of releasing FSD Beta V11 to the early access lot of 160K Tesla owners, Tesla started rolling out a bug-fix update version (firmware version: 2022.36.20).

“Making good progress. Still tracking to wide release next month,” Elon Musk tweeted in response to a question regarding FSD Beta 11 wide release eta. This pushes the Tesla FSD Beta V11 estimated release date to December.

Musk had previously stated that FSD Beta V11 started rolling on 11th November at 11:11 PM Pacific Time. But this rollout has since been only available to a limited number of Tesla’s internal testing team members. Also, only partial release notes for FSD Beta V11 were leaked without any further follow-up.


FSD Beta Testing Videos

Multiple Tesla YouTubers have been constantly posting their FSD Beta testing videos. Chuck Cook has been one of the prominent ones because of his specialty in testing unprotected left turns (UPLs) and other scenarios, he also gained popularity by getting mentioned in the Tesla FSD Beta 10.13 official release notes once.

According to Chuck, the double green light problem still persists in the latest FSD Beta version (2022.36.20). When encountered with double green lights (side-by-side a distance apart), the car first slows down and re-accelerates, which Chuck sees much different from how a human would behave in a similar scenario.

Chuck also tested a few more scenarios like his Jacksonville, FL Memorial Park unprotected left turn, narrow unmarked roads, creep limit & geometry, let’s watch in the following videos. FSD Beta V10.69.3.1 release notes are the same as 10.69.3.

Video: Testing double green lights on Tesla Autopilot (FSD Beat version / 2022.36.20).
Video: Testing FSD Beta at railroads, drawbridge crossbars, and gates.
Video: Chuck Cook tests FSD Beta v10.69.3.1 on narrow unmarked roads.
Video: Tesla FSD Beta Creep Limit Logic & Geometry explained by Chuck Cook.

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