Tesla owners in California feel uneasy as Supercharging costs are constantly on the rise



California is where Tesla started its journey as the only electric vehicle manufacturing company just less than two decades ago. It is also the state with the most Tesla cars in North America and pretty much in the entire world. Until last year, Tesla had its HQ in California as well.

Inflation hasn’t just contributed to the Tesla vehicles’ price increments lately, it is now affecting the costs of charging these and other EVs as well — at least in California.

Some Tesla owners have complained about the sudden rate increase in Tesla Supercharging costs over the last week. Tesla owners from California have reported that the Supercharging cost has inflated from $0.48 per kWh to $0.58 per kWh during the peak hours.

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Following is the list of Tesla Supercharging costs per kWh during peak and off-peak hours:

HoursSupercharging Rates
12am – 11am$0.29/kWh
11am – 9pm $0.58/kWh
9pm – 12am$0.29/kWh
Tesla Supercharging costs in California (per kWh, last updated 15th May 2022).

A Tesla Model 3 owner from Los Angeles, California says that when she purchased her car back in 2018, the Supercharging cost in California was flat $0.26/kWh (no peak/off-peak hours) which has now been more than doubled to $0.58/kWh at peak hours and $0.29/kWh at off-peak.

Another change that Tesla has made is the extension of the peak hours, it was used to be 11am – 7pm but now the duration has been extended from 11am – 9pm.

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Another Tesla owner posted on Twitter that his Supercharging session from 20 – 70% cost him a hefty $20.85 ($0.58 x ~36 kWh) this is around 50% charging of a Tesla Model Y or Model 3 battery’s available capacity. Andrew Petrella charged his Tesla vehicle at the Glendale, CA Supercharger station.

According to another Tesla owner on Reddit, Tesla Supercharger rates have gone up in other states as well. In Maryland (MD) and Delaware (DE) the rates have jumped from around $0.31 per kWh to $0.41 per kWh.

Another owner on Twitter posted that the Supercharging cost in New Jersey (NJ) despite being one of the lowest in the United States stands at $0.39 per kWh.

Tesla Supercharging cost of $0.39 per kWh in New Jersey shown on the center touchscreen of a Tesla electric vehicle.
Tesla Supercharging cost of $0.39 per kWh in New Jersey shown on the center touchscreen of a Tesla electric vehicle. Credit: @Juan86P / Twitter.

Southern California Edison is an energy provider in the state who offers Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing structure for households using clean energy and charging electric vehicles at home. They have a special tariff called TOU-Prime that lets you use energy as low as $0.21 (21¢) per kWh in off-peak hours (you can check their different plans here).

On the other hand, gas prices in the US are going insane as well, check out the latest in the following tweets by our followers.


Iqtidar Ali
Iqtidar Alihttp://www.teslaoracle.com
Iqtidar has been writing about Tesla, Elon Musk, and EVs for more than 3 years on XAutoWorld.com, many of his articles have been republished on CleanTechnica and InsideEVs, maintains a healthy relationship with the Tesla community across the Social Media sphere. You can reach him on Twitter @IqtidarAlii


  1. And did you think it was going to be any different, supply and demand, it’s only going to get worse, you got what you voted for, live with it or leave.

    • I really confused on how the current president has so much power over tesla charging price increases??? This increase in prices are combination of return to normal ( remember supply and demand) and greedy companies increasing prices because they can. But you ate blaming the president vs ceos oh wel

      • Don’t be confused. Let me explain it to you. The electricity in those charging stations doesn’t just appear from nowhere. True they do get some from solar and wind farms but this is a low percentage. Nuclear power plants are shutting down and no new ones being built. Most comes from burning fossil fuels. With Trump we were exporting gas with Biden we are buying it. When you are dependent on other countries and they raise the price guess what happens. Cost gets passed on to the end user. Biden has prevented oil companies for drilling new gas and oil wells. He wants everything to go electric and has no clue where the electricity is coming from. Sooo. Can we blame Biden. Certainly. With Trump gas was $2.60 a gallon . In two years with Biden it’s $4.75. Then you say it’s not Bidens fault. Look at the fix the UK and Germany is in locked into buying Russian oil.

        • Trump negotiated with middle eastern sheikhs — mainly Saudi, which gave/lent at ridiculously low interest his son in law a total of $2 billion, and the United Arab Emirates — to get them to lower production, thus raising gasoline prices, as a favor to his donors in the oil industry whose profit margins were too slim. He turned around and helped Republicans block legislation that would have boosted renewable energy, thereby making an alternative more scarce. The inflationary train was therefore set to leave the station in 2019. The pandemic temporarily got in the way but as soon as people were back living somewhat normally, the scarcity hit. The Ukraine war adds another inflationary spike.

        • Great thoughts. I’m not as aware or intelligent, but p.o.s. Biden and his bleeding heart liberals have done nothing but put country on slow burn to destruction.

        • So true and they say gas will easily hit $7.00 this summer. With higher demand on electricity of course the prices are going to go up. Electric companies already rob everyone with their summer rates every year the charge everyone. Now that you have an electric car you have to charge what do you think is going to happen. They are going to charge everyone more and there won’t be a thing you can do about it. It’s coming once enough of us are depending on it you’ll see the price skyrocket on electricity. Mark my words, it will happen before you know it. Then we will have no choice to turn back to fossil fuels. Let’s not forget how harmful the disposal of these batteries is for the environment. May not be too bad now but when we all have these cars all we’ll be doing is trading fossil fuel to battery environmental contaminants. When old batteries have to be disposed of where do you think those contaminants go? No, these batteries won’t be recycled properly. The world has not recycled anything properly so think again. Good Luck to us all….

          • Yeah you’re right Heisenberg. I mean it’s not like lead-acid batteries are recycled much and just go to pollute the environment. I’m sure there also is no interest in the valuable nickel or cobalt in these batteries.

    • It’s still far cheaper than gas which is pushing $6/gal and EVs get way better mileage. Anyway, if people are mad about Tesla raising prices no different than any company can for any product they seek, blame capitalism and the rich. They are the ones making all that money not doing any work.

    • Tesla owners we should have always known that the costs would go up and while a 10cent price increase is better then $3.00 on ICE also I’m sure that a significant amount of owners charge at home off of solar panels like my self and have set your cars to charge off peek times most folks don’t put more then 200 miles a day on their cars when I wake to a new charge every morning so the only time these price hike effect us is on trips and as I always say proper planning prevents backing up so plan your driving time to sync to non peak Sorry ICE it will take a lot more for me to regret my 8/2019 purchase I have 26000 miles on my car and have only paid $200 total towards charging I’ll let you do the math .

  2. Wait until 10%+ people start using electric cars and they tack on the gas/electric tax they are missing out on now! Unfortunately this small window of cheap electric is gonna close real fast

    • I own an EV and EV owners should be taxed for the energy they purchase to charge their EVs. Those taxes will help with road and infrastructure upkeep.

      People driving ICE vehicles pay fed taxes for that purpose as well as almost all states charging taxes for that upkeep. EV owners are driving on roads, so we should also contribute to the upkeep. Where I live starting next year, a $200 fee will be added to registration renewals and a 3cent per kwh tax to help pay for the roads.

      • The Norwegians held off on the EV taxing until they’d reached about 75 percent market share for EVs. We’d be wise to do the same. Of course they actually seriously tax gasoline; very high gas tax and minimal subsidies to the oil industry. Whereas we have a modest gas tax, very high public subsidies to the oil industry, and yet we’re talking about taxing EVs heavily when they’re not even at five percent market share? Not smart.

      • That might make some sense if you’re charging at a Supercharger. If you’re charging at home that really doesn’t make much sense.

        States (and eventually the Feds) need to go to a mileage tax. Start with EVs while you debug your system then expand it to everyone. It would probably be a good idea to offer monthly payment arrangements.

    • Agree, it’s going to be just the same as when everyone use to buy on Amazon because there was no tax applied to your purchase. Lol guess what, we know what happened in the ending of that story book. The window is closing but we’re still early in this process. I do agree in time there will be local state taxes applied for road upkeep. Plus, in time there will be a federal tax imposed for the disposal of old batteries. Plus, a number of other imposed taxes. Then we’ll all be in the same boat all over again.

  3. More electricity demands with less operating power plants. That bullet train boondoggle sure looks bad these days with no water and no power. How does the world’s 7th largest economy have no infrastructure to maintain its population. 20 bucks a day sounds like 100 bucks a week at the pump. Just wait for the rolling blackouts this summer when we won’t be able to charge the cars at all.

    • You want to see rolling black outs? Stop the wind and sun power. We get enough of that to make a world of difference.

      • Isn’t it funny how we now buy offshore oil from overseas companies and countries, all to transport it across oceans while burning fossil fuel to transport fossil fuel? Americans …

  4. Nothing ever stays the same..why complain about it..how do you think we’ve gotten this far..we gone from walking to horse and buggy to driving automobiles and somewhere in the future we’ll be owning flying vehicles and you’re crying about a few pennies..just think about the people who will be walking because they can’t afford an electric car because they cost a fortune to purchase unlike combustible vehicles..get over yourself..besides unless they start making EV’s with an average of 500 to 600 miles range they’re useless for travel..who wants a vehicle you have to wait an hour or hours to charge it just to drive only 180 miles out of 250 when you only can charge it to 80%..don’t run out of juice trying travel out of state..they can’t bring you a can of electricity..ha ha ha..

    • Tesla Superchargers give you a good amount of charge within 20-30 minutes. My friends traveled from Ontario, Canada to Giga Texas for Cyber Rodeo on a 2018 Model 3 with no issues.

  5. For those of you who thought electric cars were cheap and green you need to get in line behind the Tin Man.
    No one has even bothered to ponder the true cost per mile, just sucking up the electric kool-aid.

  6. Fun seeing the same people that complain about high gas prices gloat about electric charging being half the price. We’re all in this together. Gas isn’t going to last forever.

  7. That’s insane. I charge for .03 kWh at home in WA state. That’s $2.40 for a range of 325 miles in my model Y. This is exactly why people want long range EVs. Because if it’s going to cost close to the same as gas on a road trip…what’s the point? I’m waiting for a Rivian so I can have 400 miles of range. Then I’ll barely ever have to see a level 3 charger.

    • Good to know charging at home is that much cheaper. I’ll use a quick charger if I need something quick or I’m travelling. But charging at home day day will work fine

    • You have this wonderful thing called the Bonneville Power Administration. Federally-owned power generation using hydroelectricity. The cheapest electricity in America. The rest of America needs a BPA. Although here in Chicago, with Exelon’s fleet of nuclear stations and wind power generation, it isn’t bad, at seven cents a kilowatt. Not quite your three cents though, which goes to show what public ownership and pure renewables can do when they’re done right.

  8. We’ve had a Tesla 3 since February. So far never needed a commercial charging station as we charge via 220 V charger at home during off-peak hours. Probably won’t use vehicle for long highway trips and, if we did no problem paying a premium to charge the very few times a year we might need it. I think with universal adapters and many times more commercial charging stations on the way supply and demand will dictate pricing to a great degree. I never thought my EV would be free. It’s just less expensive.

  9. The plan for switching from ICE to a EV cannot happen overnight. This will be a long term transition and the daily rules and costs are currently changing without enough data for the consumer. Now, it should be known that the consumer will be paying for all the adjusted expenses that will be forthcoming. This transition will be painful.

  10. Fresno Ca. Is charging .44 cents per kilowatt and does not offer off-peak charging rates!!! This pisses me off.

  11. Well I’m currently driving a 2022 tesla model 3 for Uber it is a dual motor long range, now let’s talk about the actual costs to all you tree huggers out there. I have to charge my car 5 times per shift, and because of this, my supercharging has been throttled to a max of 75kw, at the 250kw supercharging stations. This is even when I’m the only one at the charging stations. I have 50k miles on it and at full charge, it has a range of 311miles used to be 358 miles. This is now taking me almost 2 hours or more in some cases to fully charge to 80%. I live in California so I end up driving about 150miles and the car is normally at around 20 to 30 miles left of the range. Now let’s talk about how good tires are for the environment, I need to replace all 4 tires every 15000 miles. So I will say I am going back to a hybrid gas-powered SUV as this will cost less to operate per mile even if gas were $10.00 per gallon. The EV car idea is the biggest joke ever, as it is I already pay $700 to $800 per month to the electric company and that is without charging my model 3 at home. One thing I would love for one of these tree huggers to answer for me is how is it any benefit to the environment when the power to charge one EV comes from coal-generated power, which is equivalent to 1.5 ice on the road in terms of emission and how many emissions are created to make and dispose of tires, let’s not forget how many emissions are created to tow these cars to a charging station when they die on a roadway because you didn’t make it to a charging station.

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