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Tesla begins the rollout of FSD Beta v11.3.3 (2022.45.12) with expected bug fixes in the previous version


Early access beta testers have started reporting a new point release of Tesla Full Self-Driving software version 11.3.3 (firmware version 2022.45.12).

Tesla has hurried with the rollout of this new version as the previous one i.e. FSD Beta v11.3.2 was just released last weekend.

However, most of the beta testers reported confused decision-making by v11.3.2 in various scenarios. This must have triggered the early rollout of the new subversion release of FSD Beta 11.3.3.

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Despite Tesla’s Elon Musk saying that FSD Beta v11.3.2 will be a wide release, it did happen to be at the end. As of this writing, a total of only 639 Tesla vehicles have downloaded FSD Beta v11.3.2 (2022.45.11), according to the software tracking stats by, and

But the interesting thing is that 81 Teslas are still waiting to install v11.3.2, which means the update is still rolling out or perhaps phasing out since the new version is available.

At this point, only 108 Tesla owners have reportedly downloaded the new FSD Beta version 11.3.3 (2022.45.12) update. The previous version also had started a slow rollout but after encountering troubles in some scenarios, Tesla seems to have urgently fixed the reported bugs and rolled out the new update.

Beta testers already reported that v11.3.2 had some regressions from FSD Beta version 11.3.1 but had some improvements as well. We can expect that Tesla might have ironed out the issues reported in both of these previous releases.

Since this new update just started rolling out a few hours ago, there are currently no test videos by beta testers available yet.

Release Notes for FSD Beta v11.3.3 are the same as the v11.3 that we published in February and were updated earlier this week as the 11.3.2 update rolled out.

Until the test videos become available for FSD Beta 11.3.3, let’s look at some most recent tests from prominent beta testers.

Update: FSD Beta 11.3.3 goes wide release (watch first impression test videos)

Roundabouts (FSD Beta v11.3.2)

YouTuber and Tesla Model S Plaid owner Black Tesla posted a video that shows how FSD Beta 11.3.2 handles roundabouts. In one of his previous tests at the same testing loop, Autopilot did not perform very well at roundabouts and got confused for some reason.

Black attempted a single-lane roundabout with FSD Beta 11.3.2. In his 1st attempt, the car got a little confused and he had to push the accelerator a bit but the 2nd time his Tesla took the roundabout smoothly. This might be that the car learned this roundabout but the traffic situation was also different this time. Let’s watch!

Video: Roundabout test on FSD Beta 11.3.2 in New York.

Presidio, San Francisco, California

Whole Mars Catalog / Omar drives his Tesla Model 3 on FSD Beta 11.3.2 in Presidio, San Franciso, CA with zero interventions.

Video: Zero interventions drive on FSD Beta 11.3.2 in San Francisco, California.

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