Watch the Tesla Light Show synced on RRR movie’s Natu Natu song and Elon Musk absolutely loved it



This past weekend in New Jersey, an unusual meeting of the Teslas took place. A large number of Tesla cars played the Tesla Light Show on India’s first Oscar-winning movie RRR’s song Natu Natu.

This happening was of course captured on video (aerial footage below). The official RRR movie account on Twitter shared the video of this synced Tesla Light Show Orchestra.

This exciting video tweet by RRR didn’t miss the eyes of the social media platform’s owner and tech billionaire Elon Musk. He first pressed the like button on this tweet and then replied with two heart emojis to show his love for the Tesla Light Show and the Natu Natu song.

Elon Musk responds to Natu Natu light show with two heart emojis (full HD video below).
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Tesla introduced the Light Show Orchestra feature in the 2022 Holiday Season software update (2022.44.25). This allows multiple cars of a virtually infinite count to perform a synchronized light show on a predefined music track.

To make things go even smoother, the website allows its users to download free song/music presets to play them on multiple Tesla vehicles in a light show orchestra. The Natu Natu Tesla Light Show files were also downloaded by the participants from the same service that helped with the perfect sync.

“The success is down to those Tesla owners that gave their time to help make this show incredible, we’re just honored to have played our small part in celebrating RRR’s awesome achievement at the Oscars and for demonstrating the pride of India,” Simon Pollock, the founder of told us in a direct message on Twitter.

Last year when the Holiday Update was released, many Tesla groups gathered to organize Tesla Light Shows globally. One of which involved more than 50 Tesla cars. But this latest Tesla light show orchestra seems to be the greatest in terms of numbers.

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Video: Aerial footage of the Natu Natu Tesla Light Show organized in New Jersey (19th March 2023).
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