Tesla Model 3 Highland detailed specs, features, and country-wise pricing



Since the dust has settled a bit after the September 1st launch of the Tesla Model 3 Highland refresh, exciting information is constantly surfacing about the vehicle.

Although the new Tesla Model 3 Highland is a design refresh of the previous generation, it’s not just a facelift. Tesla has upgraded the new Model 3 design refresh to another level. It’s a balanced equation of luxury, comfort, performance, and sustainable transportation.

Let’s explore the OEM specs of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland. We will keep updating this page as more information becomes available with time.

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Exterior Dimensions and Weight

Tesla instantly published the exterior dimensions information on its regional websites where it launched the new Tesla Model 3. The figures are in mm. When we converted these numbers to inches, only the width of the car exactly matched with the old-generation Tesla Model 3 (currently on sale in North America).

Tesla has increased the length of the new Model 3 Highland refresh by 26 mm (1 in) and reduced the height by 2 mm (0.078 in).

Talking about weights, the new Tesla Model 3 Higland is significantly heavier than the previous generation. The base variant i.e. Model 3 Standard is 342 lbs (155 kg) while the Model 3 Long Range AWD is 216 lbs (98 kg) heavier compared to the preceding model.

The additional weight of the Model 3 Highland refresh can be attributed to new additional components and probably a larger/heavier battery pack. New body reinforcements like the heavier doors for improved side-impact safety also contribute to the added weight of the Tesla Model 3 Highland.

With the vehicle’s overall width remaining the same, Tesla has increased the front and rear track by 4 mm each. This is an interesting development that needs further clarification by the experts, so stay tuned as soon as we find out the explanation.

The following table gives us a detailed view of the exterior dimensions of both the new and old Model 3 versions for comparison (explore complete specifications of the old Tesla Model 3).

Tesla Model 3 Highland (2nd-gen)Tesla Model 3 (1st-gen)
Overall Width (mirrors extended)82.2 in (2,089 mm)82.2 in (2,089 mm)
Overall Width (mirrors folded)76.1 in (1,933 mm)76.1 in (1,933)
Overall Width (without mirrors)72.8 in (1,850 mm)72.8 in (1,850 mm)
Overall Length185.8 in (4,720 mm)184.8 in (4,694 mm)
Overall Height56.73 in (1,441 mm)56.8 in (1,443 mm)
Ground Clearance5.4 in (138 mm)5.5 in (140 mm)
Weight (Model 3 Standard)3,891 lbs (1,765 kg)3,549 lbs (1,610 kg)
Weight (Model 3 Long Range AWD)4,030 lbs (1,828 kg)3,184 lbs (1,730 kg)
Track – Front62.3 in (1,584 mm)62.2 in (1,580 mm)
Track – Rear62.3 in (1,584 mm)62.2 in (1,580 mm)
Table 1: Tesla Model 3 Highland exterior dimensions, weight, and ground clearance specs in comparison to the previous-gen Tesla Model 3. Source: Tesla, Inc.
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Image diagram of the new Tesla Model 3 Highland refresh labeled with its exterior dimensions in both mm and inches.
Image diagram of the new Tesla Model 3 Highland refresh labeled with its exterior dimensions in both mm and inches. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Interior Dimensions and Features

Tesla has now released the interior dimensions of the new Highland Tesla Model 3 in its Owner’s Manual for Europe, the Middle East, and China. You can compare the interior specifications of both the new and old generation Tesla Model 3 versions in the table below.

The new Model 3 Highland has less legroom for the rear passengers. Rear legroom decreased by 0.7 in (17 mm) in the new version. However, Tesla increased shoulder room for both front and rear passengers in Model 3 Highland by 0.4 in (11 mm) and 0.2 in (4 mm) compared to the old model respectively. The rest of the interior dimensions remain almost the same.

Tesla has added the Ambient Lighting feature in Model 3 Highland’s interior which truly distinguishes it from the previous generation Model 3. Ventilated and perforated seats are another subtle but important upgrade for passenger comfort.

 Tesla Model 3 Highland (2nd-gen)Tesla Model 3 (1st-gen)
Headroom – Front40.3 in (1,023 mm)40.3 in (1,024 mm)
Headroom – Rear37.8 in (961 mm)37.7 in (958 mm)
Legroom – Front42.7 in (1,084 mm)42.7 in (1,085 mm)
Legroom – Rear34.5 in (877 mm)35.2 in (894 mm)
Shoulder Room – Front56.7 in (1,441 mm)56.3 in (1,430 mm)
Shoulder Room – Rear54.2 in (1,376 mm)54 in (1,372 mm)
Hip Room – Front53 in (1,344 mm)53.4 in (1,356 mm)
Hip Room – Rear52.3 in (1,328 mm)52.4 in (1,331 mm)
Ambient LightingYes (colors change, intensity does not)Not present
Interior accentsBlack,
Black & White (premium option)
Black & White (premium option)
Wireless phone chargingIncludedOptional
USB-C ports1 front, 2 rear with up to 65 W of power2 front, 2 rear for charging only
ScreensFront & RearFront only
SeatsFront: Ventilated,
Rear: Perforated (review)
Not ventilated
Seat coversVegan LeatherVegan Leather
Seating capacity5 Adults5 Adults
Steering wheelRound stalkless steeringRound steering with stalks
Speakers17 speakers in Long Range AWD,
9 speakers in the base RWD variant
14 speakers
Tesla Model 3 Highland interior dimensions specs and features in comparison to the previous-gen Tesla Model 3. Source: Tesla, Inc.
Tesla Model 3 Highland interior.
Tesla Model 3 Highland interior. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Front and Rear Screens

Tesla Model S and Model X were the first vehicles to get a rear touchscreen as part of the design refresh in 2021. Tesla Model 3 Highland now also comes with a rear screen.

Perhaps Tesla was aware of the popularity of the aftermarket rear screens for Model 3 and Model Y and decided to offer an OEM solution. This screen is much smaller compared to the front one but can be used for entertainment and HVAC functions.

Tesla Model 3 Highland
Front touchscreen size15.4 in
Rear touchscreen size8 in
Table 3: Touchscreen sizes of the front and rear displays in Tesla Model 3 Highland. Source: Tesla, Inc.
Video: Front and rear touchscreen displays in a Tesla Model 3 Highland. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
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Range and Charging

Tesla has made a great leap forward in increasing the range and charging speeds in the next-gen 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland refresh. Since the new Model 3 has not been launched in North America yet, we don’t have the EPA estimated figures for the range. So, in the meantime, we have to rely on the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) and CLTC (China Light Duty Vehicle Test Cycle) for Model 3 Highland range numbers.

 Tesla Model 3 Highland RWDTesla Model 3 Highland Long Range AWD
Range (WLTP)513 km (319 miles)629 km (391 miles)
Range (CLTC)18 in wheels: 606 km (377 miles),
19 in wheels: 567 km (352 miles)
18 in wheels: 713 km (443 miles),
19 in wheels: 682 km (424 miles)
Charging speedUp to 282 km (~175 miles) in 15 minutesUp to 282 km (~175 miles) in 15 minutes
Max power input170 kW250 kW
Payment for chargingPay per usePay per use
Charge port/connector type (Europe, China, Middle East)CCS2CCS2
Table 4: Tesla Model 3 Highland range and charging specs. Source: Tesla, Inc.
The new design-refreshed 2023 Tesla Model 3 Highland charging on a Tesla V3 Supercharger.
The new design-refreshed 2023 Tesla Model 3 Highland charging on a Tesla V3 Supercharger. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.


Tesla’s electric vehicles are known for their instant acceleration. This ability has won the entire lineup an elite status inside the drag racing community. The story does not end here, Tesla cars have imprinted their name on top of the lists in the track racing segment too.

Since the new Tesla Model 3 has not been launched in North America by the automaker as of yet, we have not been given the exact 0-60 mph acceleration numbers until now but rather the 0-100 km/h figures which is equal to 0-62 mph.

Tesla has not introduced a Performance variant for Model 3 Highland yet. The automaker has also capped the top speed of both the RWD and AWD variants for the new Tesla Model 3 to 201 km/h (125 mph).

 Tesla Model 3 Highland RWDTesla Model 3 Highland Long Range AWD
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph)6.1 seconds4.4 seconds
Top speed201 km/h (125 mph)201 km/h (125 mph)
Table 5: Tesla Model 3 Highland acceleration and top speed figures. Source: Tesla, Inc.
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Wheels and Tires

Tesla Model 3 Highland comes with the stock 18″ aero wheels — and the automaker has named them Photon Wheels. These are the wheels that help in achieving maximum efficiency and range. The premium 19″ Nova Wheels is a design modification of the old 19″ Sport Wheels (still available with the old Model 3 in the US and Canada).

We will have to wait for the customer deliveries of the new Tesla Model 3 Highland to know the details of the tires Tesla is shipping this vehicle with. In North America, Tesla shipped the Model 3 with Michelin tires for several years. The automaker switched to Hankook Kinergy GT tires just last year.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland stock18" Photon Aero Wheels.
2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland stock18″ Photon Aero Wheels. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland premium19" Nova Wheels.
2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland premium 19″ Nova Wheels. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla Model 3 Highland Pricing

Tesla Model 3 Highland is currently only available outside North America. Tesla will set its North American prices once the vehicle is launched in the region. For this to happen, Tesla will be upgrading its Fremont car factory in California for which the automaker hasn’t hinted at any timeline yet.

The following table (Table 6) contains prices of the new design-refreshed Tesla Model 3 Highland in countries where it is currently available. We have mentioned the equivalent price in USD as well for an estimate for our North American readers.

It is interesting to see how Tesla prices fluctuate from country to country, especially in Europe, even in countries where Euro is the standard currency. The crown for the cheapest price of a Tesla Model 3 Highland RWD in Europe goes to Norway with the price tag of 379,990 NOK (35,480 USD), this perhaps has something to do with the local EV incentives. The new Model 3 Long Range AWD is also the cheapest in Norway, it can be bought for 469,990 NOK (43,885 USD).

China won the award for the most affordable Tesla Model 3 RWD and AWD both, 259,900 CNY (35,470 USD) and 295,900 CNY (40,380 USD) respectively. Of course, this is the place where these new Tesla Model 3 Highland vehicles are manufactured, at Giga Shanghai.

These prices were recorded and last updated on 7th September 2023.

CountryTesla Model 3 Highland RWDTesla Model 3 Highland Long Range AWD
China259,900 CNY (35,470 USD)295,900 CNY (40,380 USD)
Japan5,613,000 JPY (38,058 USD)6,519,000 JPY (44,200 USD)
Malaysia189,000 RM (40,400 USD)218,000 RM (46,600 USD)
Australia61,900 AUD (39,525 USD)71,900 AUD (45,910 USD)
New Zealand67,900 NZD (39,985 USD)76,200 NZD (44,874 USD)
UAE174,990 AED (47,640 USD)204,990 AED (55,810 USD)
Israel159,990 NIS (41,550 USD)179,990 NIS (46,745 USD)
Belgium45,970 EUR (49,230 USD)53,970 EUR (57,800 USD)
Czek Republic1,053,990 (46,260 USD)1,253,990 (55,040 USD)
Denmark339,990 DKK (48,815 USD)399,990 DKK (57,390 USD)
Germany42,990 EUR (46,000 USD)51,990 EUR (55,640 USD)
Netherlands42,990 EUR (46,000 USD)50,990 EUR (54,570 USD)
France42,990 EUR (46,000 USD)50,990 EUR (54,570 USD)
Finland43,990 EUR (47,055 USD)51,990 EUR (55,610 USD)
Sweden509,990 SEK (45,780 USD)599,990 SEK (53,860 USD)
Norway379,990 NOK (35,480 USD)469,990 NOK (43,885 USD)
Portugal39,990 EUR (42,775 USD)48,990 EUR (52,400 USD)
Spain39,990 EUR (42,775 USD)49,990 EUR (53,470 USD)
Switzerland42,990 CHF (48135 USD)50,990 CHF (57,100 USD)
Table 6: Prices of Tesla Model 3 Highland RWD and Long Range AWD in China, Asia Pacific, and European countries. Prices are shown both in local currency and converted to USD. Prices and currency conversion were last updated on 7th September 2023.
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A Tesla Model 3 Highland in Ultra Red color on display at the reveal premier in Norway on 1st September 2023.
Above photo: A Tesla Model 3 Highland in Ultra Red color on display at the reveal premiere in Norway on 1st September 2023. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) / Tesla Europe.

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