Next Tom Cruise movie to be shot in space with NASA and SpaceX


SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted “should be a lot of fun” in response to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine’s announcement of Tom Cruise shooting his next movie aboard the national space agency’s Intl. Space Station.

Before this confirmation tweet, Deadline Hollywood originally reported the rumor that Tom Cruise is working with NASA and SpaceX on a movie that will shot in outer space. Tom Cruise is known for taking on ambitious projects and getting fully involved with his movies to the point that he mostly performs his own stunts and has been injured multiple times doing that.

Tom Cruise’s choice for this project seems to be a perfect since he is willing to take the risks involved with space flights and has previously played the lead character in Oblivion, a movie also related to space, but this time there will be no CGI/VFX — everything will be real.

SpaceX Starship in the orbit. Credits: SpaceX

Although it is now official that this movie is in the works but seems like the project is in its most early-stage, so all three parties have limited information to share about the timeline and details about the spacecraft that will be used to take the film crew to the NASA’s Int. Space Station.

Most probably by the time the filming for this movie starts, SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft is already launched and ready for its first flight to the orbit, Elon Musk’s commercial space exploration company defines the Starship as:

Starship is the fully reusable second stage and has an integrated payload section. Starship serves as a large, long-duration spacecraft capable of carrying passengers or cargo to Earth orbit, planetary destinations, and between destinations on Earth.

Course of SpaceX Starship from Earth to Moon. Credits:

The Int. Space Station is only 250 miles above the Earth’s surface that Starship will easily be able to reach but the next-gen spacecraft and rocket from SpaceX aims to go to the Moon that is 240,000 miles away from our planet.

Japanese artist and entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa has signed a contract with SpaceX for a flight to moon’s orbit for six days in which he will take 6-8 artists with him to view the moon as closely as humanly possible, he calls this the #dearMoon Project, this space flight is currently scheduled for 2023.

But NASA is planning to use the Starship for the next moon landing in 2024, after 55 years of the original landing in 1969, Maezawa expressed this in his recent tweet (Twitter auto-translation from Japanese):

In 2023, I’m planning to go to the moon for a total of 6 days and then go around and come back, but at that time I will ride @SpaceX Company-developed spacecraft #Starship Seems to have signed a contract with NASA. It seems that NASA plans to adopt it as a spacecraft for the first manned moon landing in about 55 years in 2024.

Yusaku Maezawa via Twitter

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