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Elon Musk’s Boring Company completes Las Vegas tunnel excavation


Elon Musk’s ‘The Boring Company’ isn’t sleeping at all, it has been steadily working on the tunnel loops under the 200-acre Las Vegas Convention Center that will enable the visitors to go from 1 end of the property to the other in approximately 1 minute.

Excavation of the final of the two tunnels has just completed and The Boring Company shared the video of the last wall of rocks falling down on the official account of the company.

Interestingly, the wall that was demolished by the machine had a sign saying ‘You Can’t Stop Vegas’ — it is unclear if this was aimed at the Coronavirus or a taunt at Alameda County, California where Tesla’s manufacturing is still at a halt.

The official Twitter account of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority also posted another video of the same event that says the first public debut of the functional transportation in these tunnels is due in January 2021.

The Boring Company’s founder Elon Musk discussing the project in this thread also hinted that this project might even complete sooner than the end of this year, also he said:

Boring Co will also connect Vegas hotels & airport. Autonomous Teslas in tunnels will provide individualized mass transit.

Elon Musk on Twitter
Map of The Boring Company’s test tunnel in Hawthorne, California. Source: Google Earth / CBS This Morning

Last year, The Boring Company also demonstrated in the following video that how it only takes 1/4 amount of time using the tunnels vs. the roads for the same distance covered — this demonstration was done at the already completed 1.2-mile test tunnel that is dug from the SpaceX HQ in Crenshaw Blvd. to a nearby parking lot.

In the start, Elon Musk tested the idea of using super-fast electric sleds in the tunnels but last year he abandoned this method to save costs on modifying Tesla vehicles and installing the rails, now the cars can run on their own wheels inside the tunnels at around 125 mph of max speed, which is pretty fast considering no traffic jams, stop signs, and traffic lights.

The following timelapse video of The Boring Company setting up the tunneling machine at the Las Vegas Convention Center shows how efficient and productive the engineering team is, currently The Boring Company is hiring engineers and related staff for their Nevada and California projects, means the likelihood of new projects is pretty imminent.

Since the launch of The Boring Company in 2017, the company has introduced 3 versions of their tunneling machines V1 (Godot), V2 (Line-Storm), and the latest one V3 named ‘Prufrock’ — the cost of tunneling goes down with every new version of the tunneling machine, that’s the beauty of Elon Musk‘s low-cost tunnels, otherwise, it would have been a dream only.

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