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Tesla Model S burnt but the battery pack did not catch fire


Bjorn Nyland shares photos and info from Norway that show an almost completely burned down Tesla Model S but the interesting fact is that the battery pack that spans through the entire cabin floor did not flare-up at all.

Electric Vehicle battery packs are touted to catch fire when they heat up and Tesla / EV haters constantly try to bring this point up in conversations but in this recent video by Bjorn shows us how much safer the battery pack of a Tesla or EV can be, especially when comparing it to an internal combustion engine (ICE) car’s fuel tank.

This incident happened last year in August when around 4:00 AM the car’s alarm suddenly was triggered and the owner got a notification on his Tesla Mobile App, according to the fire department there is a possibility that someone broke the car’s window and threw something inside to ignite the seats and interior.

When the owner went to look for his car in the morning, there were sure signs of a fire and the fire department had already removed the carbonized car from the parking spot.

Although most of the Tesla Model S was burned down, the battery pack did not catch fire as we can see in the video above, in the same pictures we can see a gasoline-powered Mercedes on the side that looks in a much worse condition than the Model S.

A few years ago a tZero EV and a bunch of original Tesla Roadsters were burned at the Gruber Motor Company building fire, but the investigation did not reveal that it was caused by the battery packs but due to the heavy intensity of that fire shredded the battery packs of those cars — remember this technology is outdated when compared to today’s Model 3 or Model Y battery packs or even to the Model S/X ones.


By Iqtidar Ali

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