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Nissan Leaf owner unplugs Tesla Model 3 to charge her own car


Tesla Sentry Mode recorded a video clip of a Nissan Leaf owner who unplugged a Tesla Model 3 from a public charging station to charge her own car, the estimated time she seemed to have waited for the Model 3 owner to come back is no more than 30 seconds.

Tesla developed the Sentry Mode option in the wake of growing vandalism against Tesla vehicles last year and it has proven very effective in catching the culprits.

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This time, the act cannot be called vandalism but shows the selfish behavior one can exhibit at times, let’s watch the very brief clip first to see what really happened here. The Tesla Model 3 owner wrote the following in the video description:

Charging up my Tesla to have enough juice to get home from work, when this Leaf owner parks next to the EV space I’m in, and pulls the charger I’m using out of the adapter connected to my charging port.

I want to make something clear: I have no problem with any Leaf or other EV owners. If I am charging and someone needs the charger, I am always more than happy to give up the charger to help them out. My problem here is someone taking it upon themselves to just yank a charger out of my car, risking damage to my vehicle.

Unplugging a Tesla vehicle while it’s still charging and is locked can damage the charge port and that can be a very expensive repair and since the Sentry footage is in place, the other car owner’s insurance company will need to pay this in full, you can imagine the rest of the hassle emerging from this situation.


Different products are available on Amazon and EVANNEX that can lock the J1772 adapter attached with the charge port until the car is unlocked or the port is manually released from the center touchscreen interface.

With the proliferation of electric vehicles in the near and far future, we hope both Tesla and other EV owners learn and practice better etiquette when charging their cars and otherwise as well.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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