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Pride Group Enterprises places a huge Tesla Semi Truck order


Pride Group Enterprises (PGE), a trucking and logistics company based in Canada with a prominent presence in the U.S. as well announced yesterday that it has placed an order of 150 Tesla Semi Trucks.

Group CEO Sam Johal confirmed via Newswire that his company has also submitted the deposit for the 150 Tesla Semis. The reservation amount for a base variant of the Tesla Semi is $20,000, thus for 150 trucks, Tesla has already received a sum of $3 million from PGE.

The company’s interest in zero-emission logistics and trucking does not end here, PGE plans to further increase the Tesla Semi numbers to 500 trucks in total in the future. The CEO stated:

With support from one of our long-term financial partners, Hitachi Capital, we are very excited to bring this innovative product to our strong customer base, helping forge a new path in clean transportation. We believe that electrification is the way of the future as we work together across multiple industries to reduce our carbon footprint. As well, we have the option to increase our order as we gauge customer acceptance of this new technology.

Sam Johal, CEO PGE via Newswire
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This is by far the largest single order of the Tesla Semi class-8 electric trucks by any company. Before this UPS ordered 125 Tesla Semis in 2017. The total number of Tesla Semis ordered to date has now increased to 788 as reflected in the order tracking page I have maintained for a few years now at my old website X Auto.

Earlier in June this year, a leaked Elon Musk email suggested that Tesla is preparing for the volume production of Tesla Semi Truck. However, the results of this email haven’t been witnessed yet at the Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, where the planned Tesla Semi production is expected to take place.

Looks like Tesla’s plate is already full with the Model Y, Structural Battery, and the 4680 cells this year so Semi Truck production might be pushed to next year’s first or 2nd quarter.

Large customers like PGE taking more interest in the product will finally push Tesla to start the production and deliveries as soon as possible.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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