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Vandal hits Tesla Model 3 with a brick, footage caught on Sentry cam


This is probably the most vicious attack on a Tesla we have ever witnessed. A man from London, Ontario, Canada saw a lonely Tesla Model 3 in a parking lot at night and no one is sure what motivated him to hit the car with a concrete brick.

Unaware of the technology in Teslas, this goon never knew the car’s Sentry Mode cameras were recording him during the entire course of his vandalism.

This incident took place on the 29th of October, 2020 at 5:57 AM according to the car’s owner. The damages have been estimated at $10,000 till now.

Here’s the short video clip from the right repeater camera which captured the actual action taking place.
Video: Vandal throwing a brick at Tesla Model 3 in Londaon, Ontario, Canada. Source: @Tesla_Flux / Twitter.
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In another footage shot from the front camera of the Model 3, the vandal is seen carrying the cinder block and walking towards the side of the car. In this video clip, we can almost clearly see the face of the culprit. He chose to do it at the right hour but did it with the wrong car.
Video: Tesla vandal caught on Sentry Mode from the front camera. Source: @Tesla_Flux / Twitter.

Grabbing frames from the above footage, the Tesla owner posted the following two photos that show the stills of the vandal’s face from two different angles.

Tesla community members have come to help in identifying the person in the video by using AI face extrapolation and photo editing skills to get a clearer idea of the face of the vandal in this case.

Apparently, the cinder block was thrown at the car’s side window and doesn’t look like significant damage to the vehicle but the owner said that the block had also hit the B-pillar and above that damaged the body of the Tesla Model 3.

According to the owner of the damaged car, the side window glass is only $200 CAD but the real damage was done to the body of the car. The culprit also ferociously searched inside the car as well and damaged different parts in the process, making the total damage close to $10,000 CAD.

However, with this much visual proof, the insurance company should not have any problem knowing that the owner was not at fault.

The London, ON, CA Police Department has responded to the video saying the affected owner should file a proper complaint, the police cannot take action based on a social media post, said the official tweet.

In a Tesla vandalism case from Sacramento, California last year, two Tesla vandals turned themselves to the police after the Sentry Mode video went viral and it even aired on national television. Similarly, this guy from London, ON will not be able to hide for long, help spread the word, and videos.

Stay tuned for further updates on this case, we will post part 2 of this when the culprit gets caught.

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