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Tesla Model Y gets the heated steering wheel in a silent upgrade


A Tesla Model Y Standard Range is spotted with the heated steering wheel option activated. This useful feature for the cold weather is not found in the earlier versions of the Model Ys delivered since last year. Tesla has not yet officially advertised this feature in the online configurator or via an official tweet.

But Tesla has got a large and vibrant community across the social media sphere news outlets like ours to publicize the hidden features and upgrades for the company.

The Kilowatts / Twitter seems to be the first Tesla owner finding out about the Tesla Model Y heated steering feature in a recently launched cheapest version of the Model Y named Standard Range RWD.

User interface on the center display for the Tesla Model Y heated steering wheel feature. Source: @klwtts / Twitter.
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Interestingly, like Tesla always does, the feature was added to the vehicle for no extra cost or hiking the price of the existing variants. Tesla is one of the few companies in the world right now to implement the continuous improvement cycle on the factory floor in its true sense.

The following video shows how to turn the heated steering wheel ON or OFF by tapping the climate icon (the fan icon) on the center touchscreen. When the climate control menu pops up, you need to tap the squiggly lines icon on the left to bring up the seat and steering heater controls, now you can turn the heated steering by tapping the tab with the steering icon.

The introduction of the heated steering wheel for the Model Y and even for the base variant might be a step taken to give Volkswagen ID.4 a more tough competition in the European and US market. Tesla China has upgraded the locally made Tesla Model 3 with the heated steering wheel but we have yet to witness this on a Fremont made US Model 3.

It’s not clear though if Tesla is going to give existing owners the option for a heated steering wheel retrofit, we will soon find out and let you know.

To fight cold weather, Tesla also recently launched a winter tire and wheels package for the Tesla Model Y.

On a side note, a large number of Tesla Model S, 3, X, and Y cars are spotted at a rented parking lot in Dublin, California — seems Q1 2021 has started strongly for Tesla (TSLA) after the record Q4 2020.

Next development: Tesla starts Model Y deliveries with the new center console and projector headlights.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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