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Tesla has been incorporated in India, expected to start operations this year


A document from the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) shows that Tesla Inc. (TSLA) as incorporated a subsidiary company in India. Tesla has registered the company as Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Limited.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had confirmed last year that Tesla will be coming to India for sure in 2021 and it is happening.

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Our friends from Tesla Club India (@TeslaClubIN) fetched the document from the ministry’s website and it shows that three directors are already assigned to this newly incorporated subsidiary.

Ministry document shows Tesla has registered itself in India to start operations later this year. Source: MCA India via @TeslaClubIN.

In India, a limited liability company (LLC/LLP) is named as Private Limited. Also the date written on this document should be read as ‘dd/mm/yyyy’ because in India the date format is different from North America. So the company was registered on 8 Jan 2021 and the directors have joined the company on the same day.

Two of the three directors mentioned in the above documents are already working for Tesla in senior positions. David Jon Feinstein is Tesla’s Global Senior Director for Trade Market Access. Venkatrangam Sreeram is Tesla’s Chief Accounting Officer and Vaibhav Taneja seems to have just joined Tesla with good experience working for engineering and automotive companies in India holding senior positions.

Tesla Club India found searched for the background of all of these Tesla India directors, yes they have impressive career profiles.

Since Tesla has chosen Bangalore which is well known for software development and engineering talent in India, the Indian HQ registered with the MCA is located in an auspicious building in the city known as SKAV. SKAV has a distinct and futuristic architecture that we can witness in the above photo (last tweet).

The full address of Tesla’s head office in India is “14th floor, SKAV 909, Lavelle Road Bengaluru, Bangalore KA 560001 IN”. Although the Tesla careers website has not yet added India to its list of markets, engineers and software developers are encouraged to stay alert to work for the best company in the world.

When in 2015 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Tesla Fremont factory, Elon Musk briefed the premiere about how India can benefit from Tesla Energy solutions. “Being able to have solar panels with battery packs, means you don’t even need to have electricity lines,” said Musk (full Modi visit video below).

Indian rural areas can greatly benefit from Tesla’s solar panels + battery pack solutions, as the geography has a lot of sunlight, and skipping the expansion of the grid to remote areas will surely save the Indian government huge amounts of money and time.

Definitely, urban areas like Bangalore, Mumbai, Dehli, and the likes have a sizable market for Tesla’s electric cars, these megacities are home to the richest Indians who can afford a Tesla easily.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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