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Under construction Giga Texas looks majestic on a snowy day (drone video)


This will be the birthplace of hundreds of thousands of Tesla Cybertrucks in the coming future, yes, the Gigafactory in Austin, TX. On the 10th day of this year, snow fell over the under-construction Giga Texas, and with its colossal steel structures and giant cranes, the site looked majestic.

The drone video shot at the right time coupled with the serene commentary behind the scenes by Bryan Roschetzky makes it even more interesting. According to Bryan, it was the only snowy day in Austin this winter till now, and what better chance to shoot a video at Giga Texas construction site.

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Because of a Sunday and snowfall, major work is paused at the construction site, this feels as if the time has stopped. The melted snow has turned the prepared land into a muddy plane but later this year, this will turn into the first Cybertruck Terafactory as it is referred to within the Tesla Community.

Some of the excavators are still working to make way for the water to flow and Tesla is probably trying to stream this free water to the temporary reservoirs created at the site for construction purposes.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk relocated to Austin, Texas last month and aims to focus most of his energies towards SpaceX Starship and the road to Cybertruck production at Giga Austin. Hopefully, this move is going to act as a catalyst in the speedy development of this next US Gigafactory and results in timely deliveries to the Cybertruck customers.

Forgot to mention, the choice of background music in this video is also great, let’s enjoy.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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