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Watch Teslas embarrass Supercars in random street racing challenges


Call it an utter lack of awareness. Or maybe a case of over-confidence. Whatever the case, owners of internal combustion engine (ICE) sports cars are still brazen in their efforts to challenge random Teslas to a street race. Several drivers in the latest episode of Teslacam Stories seem to have demonstrated such a folly. 

When a Tesla driver floors the accelerator (sorry can’t call it the “gas pedal” since there is no gas here) — the timeframe to deliver the torque from the motors to the wheel is incalculable by the human senses, ICE drivers don’t realize this.

There is only a few ICE supercars of today that can stand against a performance Tesla on the dragstrip — but that’s about to change forever as the Model S Plaid is going to reach customer hands soon (0-60 mph in just 1.99 seconds, mind you).

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The first street race is between a Tesla Model 3 Performance (0-60 in 3.2 secs) against a McLaren 570S (2.7 secs, what?). The McLaren was driven by none other than the American football wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Although the Model 3 Performance owner was winning, he slowed down his car out of respect for Larry. It’s believed that Larry also owns a Tesla but had opted to ride in his McLaren this day.

The same Mode 3 Performance nailed another race with a big jump off the start line against a Maserati. When the reality check hit the Maserati driver, he accepted his defeat with a big laugh.

Showing a Lamborghini who’s the boss, is always my favorite one, be it a 1/4-mile or a street race. This time a Lamborghini Urus was defeated in Ontario, Canada by a Model 3 Performance (you little beast).

In one of the races a Tesla Model Y was running on FSD Beta when it came across a Mercedes Benz E-Class AMG, the Model Y took the left turn before the human driver and this resulted in a street race. The high-end Merc faced embarrassment besides given a head-start.

There are several other interesting street races in this video compilation (below).

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Ford driver ends in court for road rage against Tesla

While a Model 3 owner in Melbourne, Australia was cruising in his car, a Ford XY Falcon driver came from behind and started driving pretty close, almost tailgating the Model 3. Later on, he aggressively overtook the Model 3. At the next intersection, the Ford Falcon driver started to do burnouts in close proximity.

Again, he did not know that all this was being recorded on via multiple cameras on the Tesla Model 3. The Model 3 owner submitted these video clips to the Victoria police department via its website and weeks later the Ford driver was summoned by the court for multiple offenses (now enjoy the burnout buddy).

Let’s watch these random street races with some interesting commentary by the Wham Baam Teslacam hosts Ben & Melissa Anderson.

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