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Sandy Munro tests FSD Beta V9, thinks Tesla should use FLIR screens in its cars


Vehicle teardown expert Sandy Munro got a chance to test Tesla’s latest installment of its Full Self-Driving Beta V9 software. A Tesla YouTuber Chris who runs his channel named Dirty Tesla invited Sandy to try out FSD Beta V9 since Chris is one of the few lucky chosen ones by Tesla to be part of its Early Access Program.

Unfortunately, Sandy Munro was not given access to the FSD Beta early access program. Tesla might have checked his previous driving habits to make this decision, Munro thinks.

Like always, Sandy Munro has his views about the FSD Beta V9 while he experienced it for a while. Along with his views, he has some suggestions for Tesla as well. Of course, Tesla and Elon Musk listen to him and sometimes take action as well, it has happened in the past with the Giga Casting suggestion.

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While starting his test drive for analyzing the FSD Beta 9 capabilities, Munro said that he likes the current center touchscreen but he thinks that Tesla will eventually have to use the Forward-Looking InfraRed (FLIR) screens in its electric cars.

A FLIR screen can detect the presence of a human being by constantly monitoring the infrared heat signals of a person in the driver’s seat. Although in the V9 update, Tesla has activated the cabin camera to monitor driver’s eye movement, this might not be the perfect solution in the longer term. A FLIR screen might also be helpful in checking the driver’s body temperature for monitoring his health condition.

A FLIR screen in a Tesla vehicle will help in eliminating incidents like a driver sitting in the backseat and leaving the car on Autopilot.

According to Munro, a FLIR screen can also display more types of objects compared to the current. Once Chris came across a dear and the car did stop for it but it was not displayed on the screen. Christ tweeted this to Elon Musk and Musk said that eventually, the goal is to display reality on the screen, which Munro thinks is possible with a FLIR screen.

Skin temperature screening demonstration via a FLIR screen.

Sandy Munro also does not seem to be happy with Tesla getting rid of the forward-facing radar and moving ahead with a pure vision-based approach for FSD development.

“Here’s the only thing I don’t like, it wants to change to the slow lanes,” Munro said during the test drive.

The current public version of Tesla FSD only works where it can detect road markings but the Beta V9 can be activated almost anywhere, it does not need to see lines to drive the car.

After testing the previous versions and this one so far, Chris says that the number of times he has to intervene and take control of the vehicle has been significantly lowered with FSD Beta V9.

In this test, Chris’ Tesla Model Y waited for the right moment to make a left turn and even nudged the driver to keep his hands on the steering wheel. FSD Beta V9 still needs 100% confidence in situations like these to be eligible for a wide release.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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