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Tesla software update 2022.4.5.5: new Model S/X charge port animation, cabin camera analytics, more (release notes)


Tesla started deploying its latest over-the-air (OTA) software update version 2022.4.5.5 to its non-FSD Beta global fleet yesterday (2nd Mar 2022). This new update includes the recently launched Car Colorizer feature, regenerative braking improvements for Autopilot, Save Dashcam Clips, and Nearby Superchargers (release notes below).

New Charge Port Flap Animation

One more interesting new addition to the software update 2022.4.5.5 is the modification of the charge port flap animation on the center display of the design refresh Model S and Model X.
Video: New Tesla Model S / X charge port design animation added in the 2022.4.5.5 software update. Credit: @greentheonly / Twitter.
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Tesla has just recently modified the charge port flap opening function of the design refresh 2022 Model S and Model X (AWD & Plaid). Now the charge port opens upwards towards the left and the flap hinge is also located on the left side. Previously, the charge port had a smaller flap opening towards the right (the triangle at the end of the backlights).

This new and larger opening and dual-hinged design are also able to accommodate the larger CCS2 charge port which is mostly the standard in Europe and Asia. This new charge port flap opening function makes the Model S/X have a globally unified design for different ports and connectors.

One Tesla YouTuber from Taiwan spotted the new charge port cover design on the Model S Plaid at a local Tesla store where the car was on display.

Tesla Model S spotted with the new charge port cover opening design with the CCS2 charge port at a Tesla store in Taiwan. The Tesla ‘T’ is also moved toward the top right of the charge port area. Credit: Echo’s Ev Life / YouTube.

2022.4.5.5 Release Notes

Cabin Camera Analytics

Help Tesla improve the intelligence of features that rely on cabin camera by sharing analytics from your vehicle. When enabled, cabin camera data will be shared with Tesla if the vehicle experiences a safety-critical event like a collision, or if cabin camera functionality requires diagnostics to perform. This data includes short cabin camera video clips to help us further develop future safety features and software enhancements such as collision avoidance updates.

As usual, you can adjust your data sharing preferences by tapping Controls > Software > Data Sharing > Allow Cabin Camera Analytics.

Source: Tesla software version 2022.4.5.5 release notes
An illustration of what the Tesla Cabin Camera can see inside a Tesla vehicle. Image courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla Model 3 was the first car in the automaker’s vehicle lineup to feature a camera installed inside the cabin facing towards the occupants and located above the rear-view mirror. But this camera remained inactive for years before finally, Tesla asked the owners to grant permission for its use for safety reasons back in 2020 in the software update version 2020.24.6.

Now Tesla is asking the for owners consent for sending the cabin camera analytics back to the Tesla Mothership. The reason is the same this time as well, “further development of the safety features”.

Car Colorizer

Customize how your car appears on the touchscreen and mobile app with the Car Colorizer. Change the color of your car’s exterior by tapping Controls > Software > Colorizer icon, or using Colorizer in the ToyBox.

Source: Tesla software version 2022.4.5.5 release notes

Tesla published a short demonstration video (below) of the Car Colorizer feature in a couple of weeks.


Before this update, there was a single default color of the car in driving visualizations and the Tesla mobile app. This color matched the real color of the vehicle it was purchased in. Now you can customize its color on the center display driving visuals and in the mobile app with this update.

Regenerative Braking in Autopilot

Autopilot Improvements

Autopilot will now use more regenerative braking at low speeds for higher efficiency and an improved driving experience, especially in stop-and-go traffic. Increased use of regenerative braking results in less brake pedal noise and smoother stops.

Source: Tesla software version 2022.4.5.5 release notes

Nearby Superchargers

User Interface Improvements

View and filter a complete list of nearby Superchargers based on maximum charging power. Tap the charging icon on your map display and select the associated lightning bolt icons.

Source: Tesla software version 2022.4.5.5 release notes
Tesla Supercharger icon on the center display of a Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y.

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