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Tesla orders had surged significantly following Super Bowl 2022 — the result of other automakers advertising their EVs


Tesla (TSLA) has shared a very interesting graph in its Q1 2020 Earnings Report — this graph shows a massive surge in Tesla vehicle orders the very next day of Super Bowl 2022. To make things more interesting, Tesla did not place a single TV commercial ad during this mega sporting event.

So, what actually happened that drove Tesla sales up after the Super Bowl of this year? It was the other automakers who tried to sell their electric vehicles to the American audience — and end up adding to Tesla sales instead.

Super Bowl 2022 was held on Sunday, February 13, 2022, and Tesla saw an instant hike in orders on 14th February while the automaker did not spend a single dollar on ads during the event.

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Graph: The surge of Tesla vehicle orders the very next day of Super Bowl 2022. Credit: Tesla, Inc.

Tesla showed the order placement graph starting from 1st Jan 2022 to 14th Feb 2022. This graph shows an increase of more than 100% in Tesla vehicle orders the next day of the Super Bowl. Tesla, however, did not share the exact number of orders per day, the line graph just shows the difference in orders accumulation compared to the previous 1 and a half months.

When this graph was posted on Twitter by a Tesla (TSLA) investor, Elon Musk replied “$1T valuation with $0 advertising spend”.

We can’t deny that this is the age of the smart consumer, with the search at fingertips, a potential customer is always able to find the best product online. This is what happened when a huge number of the Super Bowl audience watch electric vehicle and car ads during the event and later searched for the best electric cars on the market. Voila, they found the safest, the quickest, and EVs with the longest range — they found Tesla.

With the dealership model being eliminated from the loop, customers are able to place their orders directly online with Tesla — no one in between, no commissions too.

While Tesla does not spend money on traditional and online advertising, the Austin, TX-based automaker has a great YouTube channel with 2.21 million subscribers and Tesla doesn’t shy away from highlighting its edge in the automotive industry on this channel.

Elon Musk has around 83 million followers on Twitter whom he interacts almost on a daily basis. He even takes customer complaints via Twitter and even resolves them from time to time.

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Staunch followership across all social media platforms also helps Tesla get the word out easily. Publications like ours also play a vital role in keeping existing and potential Tesla customers up to date with new offerings, issues, and product updates. So, Tesla’s promotional ecosystem is entirely different from traditional automakers and this is where they lack in the 21st century.

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