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NHTSA issues recall for more than 48K Tesla Model 3 Performance cars having a bug in Track Mode


Tesla recalls a batch of 48,184 Model 3 Performance cars that are affected by a bug in their Track Mode software. Only the Tesla Model 3 Performance variants from the model year 2018-2022 are affected by this NHTSA recall No. 22V-263.

Just like many previous recalls, this is a software-related safety recall that Tesla, Inc. will fix via a simple over-the-air (OTA) software update. Owners of these 48K+ Model 3 Performance cars will not have to physically visit a Tesla Service Center to fix the problem.

According to the NHTSA recall report (PDF below), Model 3 Performance cars made between 18th Feb 2018 to 6th Apr 2022 with firmware versions between 2021.44.25 to 2022.12 have a user interface issue with displaying vehicle speed on the center touchscreen UI.

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This software bug in the Track Mode user interface shows the speed of the vehicle but the units of speed (mph or km/h) are missing from the display. Tesla is going to release an OTA software update to remedy this issue.

When using Track Mode, which is designed to increase vehicle driving performance on closed circuit courses, the user interface (“UI”) on affected vehicles displays vehicle speed but not a unit of speed (i.e., mph or km/h). FMVSS 101, S5.2, requires a unit of speed to be displayed. Because Track Mode may be used outside of closed circuit courses, affected vehicles do not comply with FMVSS 101.

Description of Tesla Model 3 Performance Track Mode NHTSA Noncompliance issue.

Tesla’s proprietary Track Mode software is specifically designed for Tesla Model 3 Performance cars for enhanced performance at the race tracks. Track Mode enables Model 3 Performance owners to highly customized vehicle’s traction, stability, regenerative braking, and handling balance for required race circuit performance. With these custom tuning options, some owners even attempt drifting on Model 3 Performance.

However, Tesla Model S Plaid has its own version of the Track Mode software that is different from the Model 3 Performance one.

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Tesla Model 3 Performance Track Mode safety recall report 22V-263. Source: NHTSA recall website.



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