Start of A New Beginning

It is time for a change, the ‘Why’ of starting this unofficial Tesla Blog


I just realized in the past 3 years writing about Tesla and EVs on that around 90% of the time I am publishing articles about Tesla, so why not have a new dedicated blog about the company and further accelerate its mission towards sustainable transportation.

Traditional automakers are also starting to jump on the Electric Vehicle bandwagon but it’s not their mission to better the lives of the current and future generations, they are only ‘in’ because the EV trend is picking up and they now see some profit in the game.

I am very thankful to the Tesla community who supported me on all social media platforms, especially Matt from EVANNEX who opened the gateway for my articles to be re-published on CleanTechnica and InsideEVs.

I also wanted to start some new blog sections like the ‘Owner Stories‘ where we would share the buying and ownership experience of both long time and new Tesla vehicle owners, this was not very relevant to put on the previous platform I wrote on.

Thanks, I am sure we’ll have a blast!


By Iqtidar Ali

Iqtidar has been writing about Tesla, Elon Musk, and EVs for more than 3 years on, many of his articles have been republished on CleanTechnica and InsideEVs, maintains a healthy relationship with the Tesla community across the Social Media sphere. You can reach him on Twitter @IqtidarAlii