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The Yoke is real, Model S refresh spotted with the unconventional steering wheel for the first time


This is the first time that a 2021 Tesla Model S refresh with the Yoke steering wheel has been spotted in the public. Previously, all of the cars seen across the United States were seen with the conventional steering, this sparked a series of speculations that the Yoke is not going to production or will only be optional.

However, the car seen in the following pics taken by Tesla enthusiast and YouTuber Kilowatts seems to be way closer to a production candidate compared to the previous ones which looked like test mules with a kill switch hidden under a paper cup.

2021 Tesla Model S refresh spotted with the Yoke steering wheel. Credits: @kiwtts / Twitter.
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Kilowatts got the first-ever look at the Yoke steering wheel on Model S refresh, this is the fruit of his wanderlust around the Tesla Fremont factory area.

A rare side view of the Tesla Model S Yoke steering wheel. Credits: @klwtts / Twitter.

If we closely look at the photos above and below, we can see the Yoke steering is installed on the basic Tesla Model S Long Range Dual Motor AWD variant. The basic Model S variant can be detected by the interior trim, the wood trim on the dash and center console suggests this is a Model S Long Range.

Tri-Motor Tesla Model S Plaid and Plaid+ variants have the more sporty carbon fiber interior trim finish. This should probably end the speculation that only Model S/X Plaid variants will have the Yoke steering wheel, it would be optional on all variants.

If we look even more closely, we can find there is a slight design difference between the Model S Yoke steering render on the automaker’s online configurator and the one we see in these spotted pics. Let’s see the design difference between the two in the following side-by-side photo.

The difference of design between the official Yoke steering render and the one spotted on a Model S refresh. Credits: @klwtts / Twiiter, Tesla Inc., Iqtidar Ali /

Interestingly, there has been no official confirmation from Tesla if the Yoke steering wheel has been physically reviewed by the NHTSA, without the final approval, this eccentric design will not be able to reach production.

Kilowatts took more pics of the blue Model S refresh which was parked lonely most probably outside a Tesla Store or service center in California. We can also see the rear center screen and the closeup of the elongated side repeater that Tesla has also redesigned in the new Model S.


By Iqtidar Ali

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