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Blue Tesla Model S refresh with Yoke steering spotted in Santa Cruz, CA


The design refresh 2021 Tesla Model S has been all the rage among the Tesla Community since its unveiling back in January. Tesla has made major changes to the interior of its flagship sedan and the unconventional Yoke steering wheel is the most polarizing element inside the cabin.

Tesla enthusiasts and reservation holders are continuously on the lookout for an opportunity to spot a test mule or a production-intent prototype these days. Just at the end of last month, a white Model S refresh prototype was seen with the Yoke steering wheel.

But in a recent sighting outside the automaker’s Fremont car factory, some Model S refresh were leaving the production plant and none of them had the Yoke steering wheel.

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Now again, a Model S refresh in blue color has been spotted with the Yoke steering on a base variant of the car. Tesla subreddit user u/NoiceTwasACat99 posted the following pictures of this beautiful Model S in my favorite color (after Tesla red).

The Model S Long Range (base variant) can be identified by looking at the center console and the dash, both of these in the following photos are in wood trim, the performance variants (Plaid & Plaid+) have the carbon fiber interior trim for a sporty look (detailed report on the interior).

Yoke steering wheel is seen on a blue Tesla Model S refresh prototype. Credits: u/NoiceTwasACat99 / Reddit.
Blue Tesla Model S refresh prototype spotted in Santa Cruz, CA (front view). Credits: u/NoiceTwasACat99 / Reddit.

Accorging to the original poster, the fit and finish of this car looked in the best shape, as if it was meant for customer deliveries. Although the exterior is almost the same as the predecessor but the interior is completely redone by Tesla.

Let’s have another look from the other side of the car, the Yoke steering is clearly visible, if it can drive the company test driver around California, why can’t customers get used to it? You can post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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2021 Tesla Model S refresh spotted with the Yoke steering wheel. Credits: u/NoiceTwasACat99 / Reddit.

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