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Tesla installs charging stations at Giga Berlin (progress update video)


Tesla has just built a few new charging stations in the parking lot area of Gigafactory Berlin. These new chargers have been spotted in the latest drone video shot by local Giga Berlin observer Tobias Lindh (video below).

Tobias also reports some new ground preparation work in progress that is expected to house the tank farm for Giga Berlin needs in the future.

Tesla installs charging stations at Giga Berlin (latest progress update video). Credits: Tobias Lindh / Twitter.
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These new chargers are there to help the engineers and workers charge their own Tesla vehicles, full of electrons on their way back home. The employees coming from Berlin City to join the workday, the distance is about 37 – 50 km each way, the charging at the Giga Berlin workplace is going to be a blessing for Tesla owners.

However, these charging stations look like a temporary setting at Giga Berlin. Standard Tesla Supercharger stations will be built as the factory becomes functional later this year.

Giga Casting machines installation progress

Two IDRA Giga Casting machines currently being installed at Tesla Gigafactory Berlin. Credits: @Gf4Tesla / Twitter.

Tesla Giga Berlin has a total of 8 footings for the installation of Model Y underbody Giga Casting machines. Currently, only two of these 6000-ton Giga Casting machines are getting installed at Giga Berlin. One of them (at the front in the picture above) seems to be almost complete while the other one looks like still has some work required to come to its full form.

The final commissioning will most probably be done at the start of the European Tesla Model Y production expected to start later this year.

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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin construction progress as of 3rd April 2021.

By Iqtidar Ali

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