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Watch the exciting “Tesla – Better, Faster, Stronger” fan-made spec ad


Tesla – Better, Faster, Stronger — the title of the new and exciting spec ad created by Billy Cramer. Billy is a video editor and has his own YouTube channel named Billster.

Billy has also created some adrenaline-filled Tesla spec ads in the past to create excitement among the Tesla Community of owners, fans, and enthusiasts.

Tesla despite being now a global multinational conglomerate and a Fortune 500 company, does not believe in using advertisement channels like television, newspapers, magazines, or even buying digital ads on the internet.

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Elon Musk believes if a product is the best in its class, is driven by constant innovation, and is mission-oriented — spending money in R&D is a better idea than paying for ads. He has applied this philosophy for years at Tesla and has created one of the most loyal fanbases for a company making commercially sold vehicles.

This loyal customer base has also resulted in free marketing and advertisement for Tesla. From word of mouth, videos, articles, to deep interactions on social media — Tesla gets the coverage for free without even endorsing the influencers. This is why Tesla is so popular globally, the Tesla Community is dedicated to bringing the electric vehicle revolution to the entire world — they believe.

Elon Musk quote: “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”

Musk’s philosophy and work ethic has put where Tesla is today. Even a year ago TSLA share price was $179.62 and even after a dip, it is $625.22 as of today — not many imagined the Silicon Valley-based automotive company to achieve an almost meteoric rise — except the believers.

The epitome of Tesla design and engineering, 0-60 mph in just 1.1s with the SpaceX rocket thrusters, the Next-gen Tesla Roadster in red (file photo / Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.).

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By Iqtidar Ali

Iqtidar has been writing about Tesla, Elon Musk, and EVs for more than 3 years on, many of his articles have been republished on CleanTechnica and InsideEVs, maintains a healthy relationship with the Tesla community across the Social Media sphere. You can reach him on Twitter @IqtidarAlii