Tesla increases the price of the Model S Plaid by $10k ahead of the delivery event



Just a day before Tesla plans to hand over the first Model S Plaid cars to the owners, the automaker has increased the price of the vehicle by $10,000. Yes, now the purchase price of the Model S Plaid is $129,990. Some lucky customers got it reserved at the previous price point of $119,990.

Interestingly, while Tesla increased the price of Model S Plaid, the price of the Model X Plaid has not been changed. There must be a reason behind this move or Tesla is just asking the increased price because of the Model S Plaid’s 0-60 mph in 1.99s while the Model X acceleration stays at 2.5s.

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Tesla online car configurator screenshot: Tesla Model S Plaid purchase price is now $129,990 with the $10k increase.
Tesla online car configurator screenshot: Tesla Model S Plaid purchase price is now $129,990 with the $10k increase.

Interestingly, the estimated delivery date for the United States orders is showing June. This means that Tesla has produced a good number of Model S/X to start rapid deliveries to US-based customers.

The delivery date for Canada is showing September-October, for Europe Q1 2022 and the RHD versions for the UK are estimated to be delivered at the end of 2022.

While some members of the Tesla Community still believe that this new Plaid version of the Model S will be housing the new 4680 cells that were originally planned for the now-canceled Plaid+ variant.

Although there has been no change or upgrade to the specifications of the Model S Plaid with this price change, most probably, Elon Musk will be announcing the reason for this price hike during the delivery event.

After so many years of Elon Musk’s leadership at Tesla, it is crystal clear to the world that he and his team have mastered the art of keeping trade secrets. Musk also under-promises and over-delivers, even the likes of vehicle teardown expert Sandy Munro believe that.

So it will not be a big surprise if Musk unveils some unexpected features or capabilities of the car.

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The delivery event was originally planned for June 03 but Musk announced that Tesla needs another “week of tweak” to start deliveries. “This car feels like a spaceship. Words cannot describe the limbic resonance,” these words of Elon Musk describe the experience of the interior of the design refresh Model S but not at the performance or range of the car.

The canceled Plaid+ variant of the Model S had 520+ miles of range displayed in the Tesla configurator, some believe that Musk might announce an increase in the range of Model S Plaid at the event, another possible reason for the price bump.

Like all the major events in the past, Tesla is fully charged to live-stream the Model S Plaid delivery event from the Fremont car factory and has completed sending invites as it has reached capacity.

The delivery event will take place on June 10th, at 8:15 PM Pacific time. The live-stream presentation can be watched on livestream.tesla.com. Stay tuned as we post the updates, follow us on:
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