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Tesla is bringing in-car purchases to buy upgrades and FSD subscription


A leaked screenshot of a Tesla Model 3 center display suggests that Tesla is in preparing to add a new tab named “Upgrades” tab to the navigation menu.

The person who has leaked this screengrab goes by the moniker of @Analytic_ETH on Twitter and appears to be a hacker who is able to see unpublished builds of the Tesla vehicle software.

According to @Analytic_ETH, this tab had also appeared a month ago and then disappeared. This time though, he was able to capture a screenshot before it vanished again.

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When asked which Tesla Software release version this Upgrades tab was spotted, “It first showed up a month ago in 2021.12.25 as reported by Green, but I was just able to turn it on long enough to snap a photo recently. Doesn’t work yet as the server doesn’t give any data about what can be purchased, etc,” the hacker responded.

Upgrades tab shown on the left navigation menu on a Tesla Model 3 center display. Credits: @Analytic_ETH / Twitter.

The Tesla infotainment system is more than equipped with the necessary technology to enable this new feature. Tesla owners and fans have long been anticipating this feature, an app and upgrades store that Tesla owners can use to conduct in-car purchases without the need to logging into your Tesla account via a browser or mobile app.

This upcoming feature will make purchasing vehicle performance upgrades like the $2,000 Model Y acceleration boost upgrages that the automaker offered to Tesla owners last year.

If Tesla enables Full Self-Driving (FSD) subscription purchase via the in-car buying option, it would be a great idea to offer it to rental vehicles where the renter enters his credit card info to purchase the subscription for a limited time. This way, the Tesla owner’s account will not be debited for the FSD subscription or temporary upgrades purchased by the renter.

However, this is an interesting option that only Tesla owners will be able to enjoy in the near future, legacy auto manufacturers are at a fair disadvantage on the sotware side even if we omit FSD out of the equation.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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