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Tesla unlocks $2,000 Model Y acceleration boost upgrade


Yep, we are talking about a 21st-century car that can achieve a higher acceleration via an over-the-air software update. Tesla has just unlocked the first paid update for the Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD variant that can shove off half a second from its factory-rated 0-60 mph time.

This update can be purchased for $2,000 by the owners of Model Y Long Range through the Tesla Mobile App or by logging into their Tesla Account.

The availability of the $2,000 acceleration boost was reported by several Tesla Model Y AWD owners on social media. However, to purchase or not to purchase this update is still a topic of debate inside the Tesla Community.

The factory 0-60 mph time for the Model Y Long Range is 4.8s, with this $2,000 upgrade, the new 0-60 will be shortened to just 4.3s. The latest 2020.36 Tesla software update is a pre-requisite to install the paid acceleration boost upgrade.

A 4.3s 0-60 mph time is freaking fast for a non-performance compact SUV for the family.

The same acceleration boost update was launched late last year for Tesla Model 3 AWD owners. It was the first time Tesla introduced paid upgrades to its customers.

Blitzfire 911, the owner of the orange Stormbreaker Tesla Model 3 says he never regretted the decision of purchasing this upgrade on day 1 and suggests the same for Model Y owners.

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The technological advancements that Tesla has brought to the automotive industry make the traditional automakers look more old school with every passing day, week, and year. The fact that Tesla surfaced from Silicon Valley under the leadership of super geek, programmer, and engineer Elon Musk and old auto companies didn’t is making a big difference as time passes (I forgot to mention ‘meme lord’).

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