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Tesla begins early deliveries of 2021 Model X refresh despite the estimated time of Apr 2022


Tesla has surprisingly started the 2021 design refresh Model X deliveries from its Fremont factory in California. Originally estimated to be delivered back in Feb this year when the Model S Plaid was launched but the deliveries kept on delaying.

Reportedly, thousands of Model X refresh customers have been waiting for their luxury electric SUVs to arrive but Tesla started showing an estimated delivery timeline to be April 2022 in the online car configurator.

One of the first owners of the 2021 Model X design refresh posted the pics from the Fremont factory delivery center. According to @sunnyvaletree/TMC, Tesla delivered a total of 5 Model X vehicles today and is planning for more deliveries in the coming days. This delivery push came months before the new estimated date of April 2022.

Three 2021 design refresh Tesla Model X in white color at the Tesla delivery center at the company’s Fremont factory in California. Credits: @sunnyvaletree via Tesla Motors Club.
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Although it has been a tradition at Tesla that the automaker starts building and delivering the higher-end variants of its vehicles first. But in the case of the 2021 Model X, Tesla has started the deliveries with the Long Range version.

Interestingly, all of the 2021 Model X vehicles delivered at the Fremont delivery center yesterday had the 6 seat interior configuration. The 6 seater Model X interior is the most expensive configuration with a price tag of $6,500. Other options are a 5-seat config which is included in the vehicle’s price and a 7-seat option charged at $3,500.

This way, the 6-seat Model X is the most expensive version among the Model X Long Range configurations.

Model X interior configurations: 5-seat included (left), 6-seat (center), 7-seat (right). Image: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Meanwhile, the Tesla online car configurator for the United States is acting weird by showing the Long Range Model X estimated delivery date of September and for Plaid variants, it is showing July (probably it is referring to July 2022).

Another visitor to the Fremont delivery center posted some more pics of the Model X refresh and one of the pics shows the interior of the vehicle as well. The following photo shows the Yoke steering, the new horizontal center touchscreen, and the new seats with the white interior. Unfortunately, no picture was taken deep into the 2nd and 3rd row of the Model X.

2021 Tesla Model X refresh interior (dashboard, Yoke steering, center touchscreen, front white seats). Credits: YummyGG via TMC.

@Sunnyvaletree also recorded the following short video on the first delivery day where he got a chance to capture the 2nd-row seats but still not a closer look at the 3rd-row seats. If the trunk was open, there might have been a good chance of taking a closer look at the 3rd-row seats.

Tesla also confirmed via an official tweet that the deliveries of the new Model X have begun.

Video: 2021 Tesla Model X design refresh interior as spotted at the Tesla Fremont delivery center.

Before Tesla started the new deliveries this weekend, some of the 2021 design refresh Model X vehicles were spotted in the wild (on highways surrounding the Tesla Fremont factory). Normally, prototypes or production-ready vehicles are spotted with the manufacturer’s license plates but this time there were no license plates on these Model X SUVs.

The chrome delete across the vehicle exterior with new wheels and slightly redesigned front and rear fascia have added a great touch to the presence of the new Model X just like it has to the design refresh Model S.

Tesla is getting more and more efficient with production and deliveries each year. In the past few years, Tesla used to be a regular target of complaints about delays and quality issues. But this year has been a success for Tesla in this department. We just recently saw that Tesla started early and massive deliveries of the Model Y in Europe.

With the Giga Berlin and Giga Texas development, Tesla has also proven its efficiency in building not just one of the world’s biggest but also the most advanced car factories in record time.

Next Update: Tesla raises the price of the 2021 Model X refresh

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