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Tesla increases the price of the base variants of Model 3, Model Y, and Model X


The price of Tesla vehicles is constantly on the rise this year. The automaker has increased the prices for Model 3 and Model Y for the 2nd time in October alone. Tesla Model X also gets a massive price hike after the deliveries began last weekend.

In this round of the price increment, Tesla Model S is the only unaffected car in the company’s lineup. This latest price increase has hit all the base variants of the Model 3, Y, and X. The price has stayed stable for the higher trims and Performance versions after the previous increase in early October.

Not only the prices have raised for base Model 3, Y, and X but the delivery timelines have also been pushed forward significantly into 2022. Let’s review these changes one by one with the new prices.

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New Model 3 Standard Range Plus price (after the 2nd raise in October)

This is the bestseller Tesla car yet and the demand for the Standard Range Plus Model 3 seems to be ever-growing. Tesla has once again increased the price of the Model 3 SR+ by a whopping $2,000.

The new price of the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus is now $43,990. This price increase has put the Model 3 SR+ on the level of the 2017 Model 3 Long Range (had a 310 miles of range) which had the price tag of $44k at the time.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus price after 2nd increment in October. Source: Tesla, Inc.

Interestingly, the estimated delivery date (EDD) of the Model 3 SR+ has also increased from April to June 2022. This increment in the delivery timeline might be the result of the global chip shortage.

But Tesla online car configurator is showing November and December as the EDD for Model 3 Performance and Model 3 Long Range respectively.

Might be that Tesla is now trying to increase the sales of higher-end variants of the Model 3 and Model Y to increase the 4th quarter margins. Early deliveries might motivate many customers to buy the Long Range variant despite waiting 8 months for the Model 3 SR+.


New Model Y Long Range price (after the 2nd raise in October)

Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD has also become $2,000 more expensive with the most recent price increase. With this increment, the new price of the Model Y LR AWD is now $56,990.

Tesla has added a total of $4,000 to the prices of both the base variants of the Model Y and Model 3 in October 2021.

Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD price after 2nd increment in October 2021. Source: Tesla, Inc.

The estimated delivery date for the Model Y Long Range has also moved 1 month forward. At the time of the previous price rise in October, Model Y had the EDD of April 2022 which has now been pushed to May of next year.

Model Y has no single-motor RWD variant available at this time. Tesla had introduced the most affordable Model Y RWD variant earlier this year but later on discontinued it. The reason might have been its price-point, it was only $4,000 more expensive compared to the Model 3 SR+ at the time.

New Model X price (Oct 2021)

The 2021 Tesla Model X design refresh has received the biggest price increase of $5,000. It has only been a week that Tesla started deliveries of the new Model X and we have a price rise in front of us. The new price of the Model X Long Range has now surged to $104,990.

For the new orders of the Model X Long Range, Tesla’s estimated delivery date is September 2022. Tesla will be clearing the backlog of orders with the deliveries taking place in the coming weeks and months.

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