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Leaked information about Elon Musk’s travel plans is becoming a security issue, Musk expresses his concern


Tesla and SpaceX CEO and the richest person in the world Elon Musk has expressed a security concern related to the extent of widely available information about his whereabouts and travel plans.

This past weekend, one of the Tesla influencers on Twitter (@SawyerMerritt) got a tip from his source that Elon Musk is soon going to visit Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin and his stay is going to be a bit lengthy.

Later on, Sawyer Merritt deleted the tweets that disclosed Elon Musk’s near-future travel plans as he felt this was wrong. Sawyer felt that such disclosure of information beforehand about such an important person is making it unsafe for Elon Musk and his family.

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“Yeah, unfortunately this is becoming a security issue,” Elon Musk expressed his concern in a reply to Sawyer Merrit’s above tweet.

In a couple of follow-up tweets, Sawyer Merrit explained the backdrop of the information he revealed on Twitter and later on removed it.

For clarification for those confused: I only posted about Elon’s travel plans (to Giga Berlin) once & that was a few days ago. I soon recognized it was wrong & puts Elon’s safety at risk so I deleted the post. I don’t have some long history of travel plan reporting.

Today I was thinking there are some accounts literally dedicated to tracking Elon’s every move & I also saw multiple EV blogs reporting from their own sources Elon’s upcoming Berlin visit so I thought I’d say something & encourage others to stop.

Sawyer Merritt via Twitter.

There is a Twitter bot account that constantly reports the information about Elon Musk’s private jet. It almost posts the landing and take-off information in real-time. This reveals Musk’s current location to the world.

Although the information available about Musk’s jet is already public, it is not that easily accessible by the public as it is on Twitter.

We all know how vital a single piece of information can be to risk the security of such important people and their families. So the availability of this information via social media should be restricted and the accounts spreading it should be blocked and removed from any platform.

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