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Hertz tells Gordon Johnson that it’s getting a steady supply of Tesla Model 3 cars and the 100K order was real


Last week, a Tesla owner found 2 car carrier trailers outside the Hertz rental car center in Santa Clara, CA. One of the trailers had Tesla Model 3 cars still on it while the other one was unloaded completely.

Reddit user u/AegisPrecipitate took out the pic of this event from the front camera recording from his Tesla’s USB flash drive which is used to record Sentry Mode events and clips whenever the horn is pressed.

Rental car giant Hertz ordered 100,000 Tesla Model 3 cars to add to its rental fleet last year and analysts and Tesla enthusiasts have been thinking since if the cars were actually getting delivered.

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Gordon Johnson, who is a Wall Street investor, analyst, and is usually bearish on Tesla tagged Hertz’s official account on Twitter and asked the company if the order was actually real and why he was not able to get a rental Model 3 for himself. To this query, Hertz replied that they are getting their fair share of Model 3 electric sedans at different centers across the country.

Hertz also confirmed that they were getting the Model 3 deliveries for their Uber fleet which is another 50,000 cars that the company intends to add in by 2023.

Gordon even doubted that the ad campaign that Hertz ran last year with Tom Brady was probably just a publicity stunt. But Hertz cleared all of Gordon’s doubts in a tweet response.

After getting the clarification from Hertz, Gordon posted another tweet acknowledging that the company’s response was indeed helpful in clearing his doubts. However, he insisted that a Hertz rental car attendant told him on the phone that there were no Tesla cars in the system. But it was all misunderstood by Gordon and he derived that the Tesla order was perhaps not real — from a mere call to a an agent.

Another Tesla investor Ross Gerber who is always been bullish on Tesla replied to Gordon in another tweet saying he should not allow himself to be looked as foolish online.

Hertz getting the Model 3 deliveries for its rental car fleet at its Santa Clara, California Center. Credit: u/AegisPrecipitate via Reddit.

“Different locations, but I can verify the Hertz lots in Santa Clara are full of M3s and keep getting full transporter deliveries,” Aegis testified the deliveries being made in California, “Took dash cam video of it the other night I was surprised they were already receiving,” he added.

Commenting on the Hertz’s 100,000 Model 3 order, “Strange that moved valuation, as Tesla is very much a production ramp problem, not a demand problem” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said because the news moved the TSLA valuation up at the time.

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