Tesla FSD Beta 10.10 is here with the rolling-stop function disabled (release notes, 1st test videos)



Tesla has started pushing the FSD Beta version 10.10 (firmware release 2021.44.30.15) to the Early Access Program members (employees and priority owners). This update is special as it disables an FSD Beta functionality called “rolling-stop” due to a recall by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

NHTSA recall number 22V-037 asked Tesla, Inc. to disable the rolling-stop functionality on around 53,822 vehicles enrolled in the FSD Beta testing program. Tesla has complied with the recall and has disabled the rolling-stop function and the automaker has posted details in the FSD Beta 10.10 (2021.44.30.15) release notes (below).

Like the previous FSD Beta versions, Tesla has also posted a list of improvements that have been deployed with this latest version of the automaker’s self-driving beta software.

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The report by NHTSA on this issue also included the remedy that Tesla presented to the authority late last month and now it has been implemented. The document says:

Tesla will disable the “rolling stop” functionality on affected vehicles, starting with firmware release 2021.44.30.15. Firmware release 2021.44.30.15 is expected to begin deployment OTA to affected vehicles in early February 2022. The disablement will carry forward in firmware release 2021.44.30.15 and later releases. No further action is necessary from owners who install firmware release 2021.44.30.15 or a later release on their vehicles.

Source: NHTSA recall report PDF.

So, it’s not like 53,000 cars have to go back to the manufacturer or their service centers to be fixed, they just need an over-the-air (OTA) software update and that’s it. Therefore, this and other Tesla software-related recalls are not like the ones that occur in the traditional automotive industry.

FSD Beta 10.10 Release Notes (2021.44.30.15)

  • Disabled rolling-stop functionality in all FSD Profiles. This behavior used to allow the vehicle to roll through all-way-stop intersections but only when several conditions were met, including vehicle speed less than 5.6 mph, no relevant objects/pedestrians/bicyclists detected. Sufficient visibility and all entering roads at the intersection have speed limits below 30 mph.
  • Smoother fork maneuvers and turn-lane selection using high fidelity trajectory primitives.
  • Improved smoothness when stopping for crossing objects at intersections by modeling soft and hard constraints to better represent urgency of the slowdown.
  • Enabled lane changing into an oncoming lane to maneuver around static obstacles, when safe to do so.
  • Improved smoothness for merge handling by enforcing more consistency with previous cycle’s speed control decisions.
  • Improved handling of flashing red light traffic controls by adding more caution for events where crossing vehicles may not stop.
  • Improved right of way understanding at intersections with better modeling of intersection extents.

Testing Videos

As this update has just started rolling out yesterday, very few Tesla owners have gotten the update at the time of this writing. However, we already have a couple of first impressions testing videos with us.

Since the rolling-stop function has been totally disabled, the car will come to a complete stop at intersections. This might have affected the entire previous algorithm on which the cars undertook intersections and stop signs.

Unprotected left turns in the previous versions like the 10.9 and 10.8 were already not that good, with the car creeping forward less and less now, let’s see how FSD Beta 10.10 performs in such scenarios. However, there will need to be further detailed testing in the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned as we will be posting another update soon.

Video: Testing FSD Beta 10.10 on a Tesla Model 3.
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YouTuber and Tesla Model 3 owner James Locke is one of the FSD Beta testers who almost always gets the software ahead of the pack. He stated the following in the description of his above FSD Beta 10.10 testing video:

Quick run on test loop 1 with FSD Beta 10.10 which includes the “recall” of the rolling stops. Still feels very smooth at stop signs on this first drive.

Good drive with two points needing me to tap the accelerator otherwise no other interventions, nice drive.

James Locke / YouTube.

Whole Mars Blog / Omar is also one of the Tesla owners who get the FSD Beta update just after the internal employees. He also posted one of the first FSD Beta 10.10 videos and reported a smoother driving experience compared to the previous version.

Next updates: FSD Beta 10.11 release notes, Elon safety score announcement | Tesla FSD Beta 10.10 slightly reverses back if stuck behind a car or sees fast traffic at an intersection

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Video: Testing FSD Beta on a Tesla Model 3 in Glen Canyon Park, San Francisco, California.
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