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Tesla FSD Beta 10.10 slightly reverses back if stuck behind a car or sees fast traffic at an intersection


Tesla released version 10.10 of its Full Self-Driving Beta software to early access beta testers earlier this month. Now after about a week of testing, Tesla owners with FSD Beta 10.10 on their cars are exploring improvements and new features.

After the previous version 10.9, most Tesla owners and enthusiasts thought that the next version will be FSD Beta V11 but Tesla has yet to announce the next major version 11 update.

One such owner with the social media moniker Whole Mars Blog (Omar) was one of the first to experience a new feature. When his Tesla Model 3 was stuck behind another car in traffic jam, the car took a decision to slightly reverse back and get out of the situation just like a human would do.

When Omar posted the video clip on Twitter of his Model 3 applying this intelligence, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the automaker has added this function in FSD Beta 10.10.

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Since Omar is an avid tester of Tesla FSD Beta, he said that in the previous versions of the software, the car would just get stuck in a similar situation.

In a reply tweet to this video, Elon Musk confirmed that the car is now able to take a similar decision of backing up a little at an intersection after peeking a little and finding high-speed cross-moving traffic. “Car should also reverse slightly if it peeks into an intersection & sees fast-moving cross-traffic (just like a person would),” Musk tweeted.


In another video by a different FSD Beta tester, his Tesla car slightly reversed on a stop light signal when it found a pedestrian was going to use the crosswalk. The car instantly sensed the situation and created ample distance between itself and the crosswalk to give pedestrians their way. This behaviour is also part of the rolling-stop feature getting stripped-off from FSD Beta software on the instructions of NHTSA.

In our previous FSD Beta 10.10 post, we covered the release notes and first-impressions testing videos. Now that it has been about a week or so since the update has rolled out, testers have posted more reviews about this release (firmware version 2021.44.30.15).

Testing FSD Beta 10.10 on the narrow streets of Washington Square, Newport, Rhode Island, Kim Paquette still found out some flaws especially when the car crosses intersections.

“Decent creeping on this version but still failing Washington square and failed diagonal traffic. I didn’t notice much difference with this version after this one drive,” she wrote in the video description of her testing FSD Beta 10.10.

Kim has been testing FSD Beta for a long time now since its earlier versions and has kept a good video record of her tests. This makes her an experienced tester and her opinion matters in this regard. So, let’s watch her latest FSD Beta 10.10 test.

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Video: Kim Paquette testing FSD Beta 10.10 on the Washing St. in Newport, Rhode Island.

By Iqtidar Ali

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