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Tesla FSD Beta 10.11.1 gets some good reviews from testers (unprotected left turn tests, more)


It has been more than two weeks since Tesla rolled out FSD Beta version 10.11 (firmware software version 2021.4.5.20) — and another minor improvement version 10.11.1 was released last weekend.

FSD Beta 10.11.1 has the same release notes as 10.11 but Tesla did tweak some features the details of which are hard to find because of the lack of documentation.

However, a sizeable number of Tesla owners enrolled in the automaker’s Early Access Program have now gotten the new 10.11.1 update. Therefore we have a good number of reviews from the users and testing footage that Tesla YouTubers have posted online.

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Unprotected Left Turn and Creep

Tesla YouTuber Chuck Cook exclusively tested unprotected left turns on FSD Beta 10.11.1 in his Model 3. He tested the same test loop in a variety of situations with zero to light and heavy traffic.

The creep function has also improved and FSD Beta seems to have gained more confidence when creeping for an unprotected left.

In a situation when where traffic was coming from both sides, Chuck’s Model 3 waited enough time and crept confidently before finally taking the left turn. When traffic was absent or low, the car took the middle lane after the left turn and when it took the turn with ample traffic present, it joined the left lane.

In all of this testing, Chuck had to intervene once to push the accelerator pedal to complete the unprotected left in speed and another time to take control because of the traffic. So, FSD Beta is improving with time, it still needs to learn these turns more and more.


FSD Beta testers largely agree that 10.11.1 is the best version released by Tesla yet. But since this is not good enough as we have witnessed in video tests (above and below), things need to be constantly improved.

A recent tweet by Elon Musk suggests that the next FSD Beta release version 10.12 will have considerable improvements for tricky unprotected left turns and for heavy traffic in general.

James Locke is one of the earliest FSD Beta testers, he also tested version 10.11.1 on his Tesla Model 3. He has also experienced improvements in this update he summarized in the description of his testing video:

See some improvements with this minor beta build. Improved decision to proceed on a turn and much smoother acceleration.

I had one accelerator tap required to turn right on Plum Canyon road and one intervention with the brake on the left turn at the stop sign. This was out of an abundance of caution due to cross traffic.


By Iqtidar Ali

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