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Tesla (TSLA) announces the date for the 2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting


Tesla (TSLA) has finally revealed the date for this year’s Annual Shareholder Meeting — it will be held on Thursday 4th August 2022. This is the event where the automaker is going to ask for shareholders’ vote for the next stock split.

Tesla had announced back in March that a stock split will be conducted this year if the shareholders of the company approve of it at the Annual Meeting. At this time, the Houston, Texas-based electric automaker did not finalize a date for this meeting but now it has been revealed publicly.

Tesla committed the first-ever stock split of the company’s common stock back in 2020 when the share price of Tesla reached so high that retail investors found it hard to purchase.

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After a few days of a downward trend, TSLA stock price has started to gain momentum towards the end of market close on Monday yesterday. This momentum has even kept on moving upwards today as well. Tesla shares closed at $902.94 USD yesterday and as of this writing, the TSLA share price is lurking between $917 – $918 on the NASDAQ.

After Tesla’s announcement, we now know the 2022 Shareholder Meeting date but Tesla did not clarify if the stock split going in for approval at this event will be a 5 for 1 like the previous one or some other ratio.

However, we will most likely get the TSLA stock split ration information well before August 4 because there is going to be Q2 2022 Earnings Call in July and this might be the time this missing piece of the puzzle is solved.

So stay tuned as we keep you updated on this and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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