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2 Teslas are the first-ever electric vehicles to reach the Mount Everest Base Camp (video)


Even 5 years back no one would’ve imagined an electric vehicle reaching anywhere near the world’s tallest peak Mount Everest (Mount Qomolangma in Chinese).

But the ever-expanding network of Tesla Superchargers has made it possible. A Model X and a Model Y have reached the Mount Everest Base Camp. The incredible journey was filmed, compiled, and released on YouTube by Tesla’s official channel from Greater China earlier this week.

Chinese bridge designer and vlogger 春森同学Trensen instantly decided to go on this adventure as soon as he knew that Tesla has completed its Supercharger network 318 on this route.

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Tesla Model X and Model Y reach the Mount Everest (Qomolangma) north base camp in China. Credits: Tesla Greater China / YouTube.

When Mr. Trensen told his peers about his intentions to go to Mount Everest in his Tesla — everyone thought he has lost his mind. However, he started his super long journey from Chongqing to the Everest Base Camp in China.

Both of his Tesla vehicles (Model X and Model Y) were able to climb Mount Everest’s Chinese Northern Base Camp which is at a height of 5,200 meters (17,060 feet).

Of course, EVs experience a range loss when climbing steep mountainous roads but internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles also use more fuel — don’t they?

Tesla’s Supercharger network along this difficult route was there to support this adventure and it truly made it possible. Other electric vehicle manufacturers lack such a widespread charging network, therefore, Tesla is enjoying the lead globally.

Rocky mountainous road in the path of Tesla Model X and Model Y towards the Mount Everest Base Camp. Credits: Tesla Greater China.

One interesting feature in Tesla vehicles is the Camp Mode. You can set a temperature inside the car, lock it, and go to sleep without the fear of carbon monoxide gas entering the cabin like in the ICE vehicles — because there is no engine producing such gases.

As much as you get closer to the high mountains, the climate gets colder and colder, and this is where Tesla’s climate control features become the most useful, just like Camp Mode we discussed above. Also, being able to remotely set the cabin’s temperature and melt the snow on the windshield and the glass roof has its significance in cold weather conditions.

Tesla vehicle features like these made this journey more enjoyable and easy for Trensen and his team.

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Video: Visual story of a Tesla journey to the Mount Everest Base Camp from Chongqing, China.



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