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Tesla decorates Giga Texas with Cybertruck-shaped planters aka Cyber Planters (pics)


Tesla and its Technoking Elon Musk never get tired of innovation and original ideas. Just like the Cybertruck, Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas is getting its plantation decoration with the Cyber Planters.

These planters are called Cyber Planters because they are shaped like the Cybertruck — low-poly and with sharp edges at the top.

When the fan of our website and Tesla influencer from Austin Texas, Gail Alfar visited the factory for the company’s 2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting earlier this month, she captured a couple of photos of these unique planters and some stunning pics of the Cybertruck as well.

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She was gracious enough to allow me to post these pics here on Tesla Oracle. Later on, these planters have also been spotted in drone footage taken by local observers Jeff Roberts and Joe Tegtmeyer during their coverage.

Cybertruck-style Cyber Planter installed at Tesla Giga Texas. Credit: Gail Alfar / Twitter.
Tesla Cybertruck prototype without side mirrors and the windshield wiper (seen at the Tesla 2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting). Credit: Gail Alfar / Twitter.
Another view of the Cyber Planter at Giga Texas from the rear side. Credit: Gail Alfar / Twitter.
Aerial view of the row of Cyber Planters at Giga Texas. Credit: Jeff Roberts / Twitter.
A view of the Cybertruck stainless bed with the stainless steel floor as seen at the company’s 2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting (Cyber Roundup). Credit: Gail Alfar / Twitter.

Tesla enthusiasts across the entire community are loving the idea of Cyber Planters and many of them seem to want one for their home or office spaces.

Elon Musk has promised that the Cybertruck production at Giga Texas will start next year and they will scale up production rapidly to clear the pre-order backlog of more than 1 million reservations.

Let’s watch the latest Cybertruck and Model Y factory construction update video from Giga Texas by Joe Tegtmeyer.

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Drone video: Gigafactory Texas construction update as of 22nd August 2022.

By Iqtidar Ali

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