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Tesla Holiday Update leaks: myQ garage support, Apple Music, remote farts, and more


The first week of December is gone and according to Tesla tradition, Tesla vehicle owners expect a beefy update with useful features and fun updates this Holiday Season as well.

The ones that Tesla owners are anxiously waiting for are the Apple Music and myQ smart garage controller integrations.

While the coming of the Apple Music app rumors are strong, it isn’t 100% confirmed yet for the 2022 Tesla Holiday Update. The myQ garage opener app is confirmed as screenshots have leaked for this feature.

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Other rumored features coming in this year’s Tesla Holiday Update are:

  • Improved music player with a moveable application window (tap+hold and drag around).
  • Remote light show scheduling
  • Remote emissions testing mode (farts using your Tesla mobile app)
  • New video games

These new features have been leaked by @TeslaScope via Twitter with the help of information they acquired from Tesla’s internal early access testers.

However, for the myQ garage controller support, Teslascope got some concrete evidence with screenshots from their source at Tesla. This new app is named “myQ Connected Garage” and the available screenshot from the Tesla vehicle center display shows some useful features and interesting customization options.

Tesla Holiday Update 2022.44.25 is out, Release Notes, detailed info, pics, and video.
Tesla adds MyQ smart garage opener in the 2022 Holiday Update. Credit:

In the above screen capture of the myQ Connected Garage dialogue box, we can see that there is an option to have multiple garages configured in the app such as Home Garage 1, Home Garge 2, etc.

The app also allows the vehicle mirrors to auto-fold when entering or leaving your garage. You can also set the arrival distance in feet when the door garage door will automatically open for your car.

HomeLink Automatic Garage Opener is already integrated with Tesla vehicle software. The automaker is introducing the myQ Connected Garage app as another option for automatic garage door shut and open functionality.

However, myQ garage opener is a subscription-based app starting at $3 per month while you can buy HomeLink for a one-time payment of $300. But good Holiday Season deals are available on Amazon for HomeLink at the time of this writing.

If you own multiple Tesla vehicles, a single myQ Connected Garage app subscription will be enough for all of the cars. But for HomeLink, you will have to buy multiple licenses. So, myQ is a cheaper option compared to HomeLink when it comes to automatic garage openers.


Tesla has now rolled out this year’s Holiday Update version 2022.44.25 (get the full release notes and details).

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I have attached my remote controller at the back of the bottom of the screen with double sided tape.
So I don’t need homelink or wifi.
All I have to do is press the button hidden behind the screen.

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