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A Tesla Model S almost submerged in the water gets tested as a boat (video)


A group of car enthusiasts tested the new design refreshed Tesla Model S Plaid as a boat. To satisfy their curiosity, the testers waded the car to almost 90% of its height into the water.

But one important thing to remember here is that this test was performed in a controlled environment with safety measures and rescue personnel close by.

The cabin of this Tesla Model S was also sealed to stop as much water as possible from entering the human-occupied compartment.

There has recently been floods in New Zealand and Gavin Shoebridge posted the video of a submerged Tesla Model S Plaid crossing a large pool of water on Twitter to show the car’s abilities to go through water. Shoebridge was facing some trolls on Facebook telling him that a Tesla cannot survive in such floods.

Video: Tesla Model S Plaid tested for wading and crossing a pool of water and act as a boat temporarily. Chillin’ with Chet / YouTube.

This Tesla Model S is still able to drive even when it is almost 90% submerged in the water. An internal combustion engine (ICE) car can never pass such a test. The Tesla Model S looked like a small submarine at one point during this test.

However, Chet later on found out that the front drive unit of Tesla Model S wasn’t water proof and it had to be replaced. The replacement of the front drive unit (motor) cost the owner a whopping $15K.

Technoking of Tesla, Elon Musk has iterated multiple times that Tesla’s electric vehicles can be briefly used as boats and thrust can be generated through the rotation of wheels.
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People have used the wading capability of Tesla vehicles either in cases of emergency in floods or even intentionally as we saw in the above video.

During the 2019 South Dakota floods, a Tesla Model X was spotted driving through the floodwater like it was a piece of cake. However, Tesla and Elon Musk don’t recommend such usage of Tesa cars as water can damage electrical and electronic components.

Back in 2021 in China, a Tesla Model 3 saved the lives of its occupants by driving through immense floodwater albeit it was significantly submerged in the water.

Have you ever experienced such a scenario with your Tesla in real life? Let us know in the comments section below.

Update: Story updated for correct credits and information.

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