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Tesla Cybertruck spotted using 4-wheel steering on city streets and sighted across the US as production gets closer


“Cybertruck will change the look of the roads. Finally feels like the future,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a tweet on Monday.

As the projected timeline of the Cybertruck production is getting close, the close-to-production prototypes are getting sighted across the United States.

These new short videos, mostly taken by Tesla owners and enthusiasts from their cars while on the move, actually endorses Musk’s above statement. Tesla’s Cybertruck looks completely different from any other vehicle on the road. With this unorthodox strategy, Elon Musk and his team have attracted attention and brand recognition.

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The most interesting recent sighting of the Cybertruck is where we can see it using its 4-wheel steering to take quick turns while navigating city streets. This 4-wheel steering ability is also resulting in a shorter turning radius as we can see in the following video.

Video: Tesla Cybertruck spotted using 4-wheel steering on city streets in California.

“Following this thing for a couple blocks yesterday felt like chasing a Warthog in Halo – I totally get the ‘CGI IRL’ thing now,” Tesla influencer The Kilowatts expressed his feelings while he was recording the above video.

Perhaps, Tesla engineers driving and testing the Cybertruck prototype saw someone filming them from another Tesla vehicle. In an attempt to flee from the scene, they gave us a precious look at the Cybertruck 4-wheel steering in action.

Another Cybertruck prototype was spotted using the Cybertruck 4-wheel steering last month but it was a test inside the Giga Texas factory.

Tesla began the development of the Cybertruck 4-wheel steering capability in July of 2021. Tesla decided this to counter GM’s electric pickup truck Hummer EV’s Crab Mode.

While this Cybertruck prototype was spotted in California, another one was spotted on the opposite side of the border on the East Coast. The following Cybertruck prototype was silently cruising the New York City Highways when a Tesla enthusiast captured it on video from behind.


The following video of the Cybertruck was caught on camera in Austin, Texas. @Greggertruck who posted the video on Twitter claims that the truck was driven by none other than Tesla’s Elon Musk himself.

A reply by Musk himself to this video and not denying that he was driving the Cybertruck shows that he actually was driving it at this time.

Tesla is aiming at starting production of the Cybertruck this year at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. And this extensive testing on highways and city streets provides a test bed for customer vehicle performance in the real world as they would get them later this year.

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