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Tesla Autopilot swerves to avoid a rogue tire that had already flipped a car in mid-air (dashcam video)


Tesla owner Anoop Khatra was cruising on a California freeway last week. Enjoying as Tesla Autopilot took care of most of the highway driving stress off his shoulders.

This is just when an unusual and bizarre incident took place in front of his car. A modified pickup truck with extruded tires was running at highway speeds when all of a sudden his driver’s side wheel detached from the axle.

Unfortunately, just a few moments ago, a car took over Anoop’s Tesla from the left, and the free-rolling tire hit this vehicle from the front and went under it. This resulted in this small black car flipping into mid-air like it was some toy.

All this was getting recorded on the Tesla vehicle’s built-in forward-facing Autopilot cameras and getting saved on the flash drive on the car.

One of the good things that happened during this incident was Tesla Autopilot’s active safety system which was on high alert.

As this fast accelerating, free-rolling, rogue tire was rolling back with full force, the Tesla vehicle swerved to the right automatically to avoid a collision. Thanks to the Tesla Autopilot vision that detected a fast-moving object approaching and quickly reacted to save the vehicle and its occupants.
Video: Tesla Autopilot swerves the vehicle to the right to avoid collision with the oncoming free-rolling wheel on a California highway. Credit: @Anoop_Khatra / Twitter.

Another good thing that happened was that both the pickup and KIA vehicle occupants walked away from the accident without a major injury.

In a follow-up tweet, Anoop clarified that the pickup driver returned to the damaged KIA vehicle to inquire about its occupants. Of course, he came back only after pulling his truck to a safe spot (not covered in the Tesla dashcam footage).

Let us know your thoughts on this incident and Tesla Autopilot‘s quick reflex to save the day in the comments section below.

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