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Close-to-production Tesla Cybertruck prototype spotted, 4-wheel steering test video, rear light update by Musk


Tesla Cybertruck news has been heating up since the start of February and more and more prototype pictures and videos are popping up on social media.

The excitement among more than a million reservation holders has also gone up since Tesla’s Elon Musk reassured that the Cybertruck production will begin this year.

A Tesla fan posted the following picture and a video of a Cybertruck prototype on Instagram, to which Elon Musk replied that this is very close to what a production Cybertruck will look like.

Tesla Cybertruck prototype, the design of which according to Elon Musk is close to production. Credit: Flavio Tronzano (@ftronz / Instagram).
Video: Tesla Cybertruck prototype roaming the highways in the United States.

“Yeah. Still many small tweaks to make it better (and the side mirrors are removable by owner), but this is very close to production design,” Musk tweeted after looking at the pic and video of this new Cybertruck prototype.

The interesting new addition as you would have noticed is the new triangle-shaped side view mirrors. These new mirrors are designed to compliment the overall low-poly design theme of the Cybertruck. Although already controversial among the Tesla Community, there is a chance that these side mirrors would make it to production.

As Musk has mentioned in his tweet, these triangular Cybertruck mirrors are going to be removable by the owner. In the presence of multiple screens inside, 360° cameras, side and rear-view mirror camera video feeds, — there is less and less need for the side mirrors, at least that’s Elon Musk’s thinking behind the removable mirrors.

Tesla showcased the early Cybertruck prototypes without the side view mirrors. The automaker later added side mirrors for testing purposes over the years. Tesla has most probably added easily-removable mirrors for regulatory compliance as laws in this regard differ from state to state across the United States.

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As we can see in the above video that the Cybertruck’s rear light only has two small brake lights on both sides. But Elon Musk said that the rear light will be a red bar strip like the one we saw in a video on an earlier prototype last year.

Another video of the Cybertruck was also posted on Twitter showing its 4-wheel steering capability. The Cybertruck in this video can be seen doing insanely low-radius turns inside Giga Texas (watch below).

Tesla began the development of the Cybertruck 4-wheel steering capability in July 2021. Tesla had to take the decision of adding this ability to make the Cybertruck compete with its rival Hummer EV which was announced by GMC with the 4-wheel steering feature named Crab Mode.

The video below shows that Tesla made significant progress in adding the 4-wheel steering to the Cybertruck. Tesla hasn’t given a name to this feature yet but we can expect something later this year as production start nears.


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