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Armed suspects try to flee a police pursuit after jacking a Tesla Model 3 in Miami, Florida (videos)


Thursday last week, Miami Police released footage of two armed suspects trying to escape a chase in their Lexus ES ICE sedan. But perhaps, they were losing the fuel tank fast, so, one of these suspects attempted to jack another car before spotting a white Tesla Model 3 on the road.

Their first attempt failed because the driver didn’t open the door despite the suspect pointing a big gun toward the driver. However, the Tesla Model 3 was driven by a doctor and he opened the door out of fear.

This armed robber was smart enough to choose the right car for a police pursuit — a Tesla — that has the potential to escape the cops with its instant acceleration. The aerial footage of this incident looks like it came from my favorite video game Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit (videos below).

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After taking control of the Tesla Model 3, the carjacker tried to flee the scene by driving it in reverse gear as they were already chased by the police. However, it wasn’t long before a police pickup truck t-boned the Tesla Model 3 to stop it from moving ahead.

One of the suspects was apprehended by the police and put into handcuffs but the one driving the Tesla Model 3 ran away from the scene. He entered an elderly neighborhood and entered an open garage of an old family, reported The Breaking News Reporter / YouTube from Broward County, South Florida.

Video: Carjackers snatch a white Tesla Model 3 in Broward County, Miami, Floria (report).

However, the suspect left this garage after a short while and was caught by the police wearing only a red underwear.

The owner of the Tesla Model 3 was shaking with extreme anxiety created by these unexpected and unpleasant circumstances. But in the meantime, he was able to message his wife using his Apple Watch to inform her of the situation, reported by the Inside Edition / YouTube.

However, it is not clear why these carjackers were being chased by Miami Police as they were speeding at speeds of around 140 mph in their Lexus before snatching the Tesla.

Within minutes, the entire road section was swarming with cops and their patrol cars/state troopers as they were clearing the area from the suspects.

The jacked Tesla Model 3 in this event seems to have been totaled after getting t-boned by the pickup truck (let us know what you think in the comments section below).

The good thing about this incident was that no one was hurt and no bullets were fired either by the police or the carjackers. In the end, the Tesla owner doctor Emilia Cristia’s wife was happy that his husband walked out safely from the incident.

A video of a Tesla carjacking in Florida went viral in 2021 when Sentry Mode on a Model 3 recorded an armed person trying to steal the car.

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Video: Tesla Model 3 owner shares his experience from the carjacking incident in Broward County, Florida.



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