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STL Tesla community holds a parade by a boy’s house to make his day

He wasn’t able to get a learner’s permit due to the COVID-19 situaiton.


The awesome Tesla community from St. Louis, MO joined their hands together to greet a young boy on his birthday who was not able to obtain his learner’s permit due to the COVID-19 situation, thus he was not able to drive his father’s Tesla Model 3 on this occasion.

His father asked the local Tesla community for a little love and what happened next is nothing less than amazing, more than 35 Tesla owners who were complete strangers arrived outside Rick’s house and performed a Tesla Parade and greeted Happy Birthday to his son.

Rick posted his story on Twitter along with the video of the parade.

While the parade was going on, the mother of the boy was crying on the other side of the road, it can be heard if listened to the video closely.

According to Rick, these Tesla owners were complete strangers to him and his family, but they cared — these Tesla owners are members of the STL Tesla Facebook group where Rick left his message for them to greet his son.

Because the social distancing had to be maintained at this time, the owners greeted from the windows of the Teslas — a Tesla Model X had its falcon-wing doors open while passing on their turn of the parade.

Some owners even stopped by for a while to take some stunning drone pictures that were also posted on Twitter by Rick.

Another Tesla community member told her fascinating story of how the Tesla community came together to start crowdsourcing the college fund for her baby.

What other automotive community do you see such examples in this era? I am sure none, the Tesla community rocks!

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