Nürburgring: Watch Tesla Model 3 overtake German cars like a boss



A modified Tesla Model 3 Performance is seen rocking the Nürburgring race track that is leaving the German cars behind it like a boss. This amazing video is shot by Misha Charoudin who covers ICE & electric car laps at the Ring on his YouTube channel.

Misha completed a Nürburgring lap with a Model 3 Performance last month as well. Although he was impressed with the power of the Tesla drivetrain but wasn’t satisfied with the stock brakes and suspension.

This time the Tesla Model 3 they brought to the track is loaded with larger brakes for the front wheels and a custom suspension by Mountainpass Performance.

Lightweight Tesla Model 3 Performance aftermarket wheels.
Lightweight Tesla Model 3 Performance aftermarket wheels. Credits: Misha Charoudin / YouTube.
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The stock 20″ wheels are also replaced by the aftermarket lightweight 19″ rims. The width of the tires was also increased by 40mm compared to the stock Michelin Pilot 4S (235/35/20) to the ones used for this race (275/35/19).

Tesla Model 3 Performance 19" tires used at the Nürburgring lap (Michelin 275/35/ZR19).
Tesla Model 3 Performance 19″ tires used at the Nürburgring lap (Michelin 275/35/ZR19). Credits: Misha Charoudin / YouTube.

Lighter wheels, wider tires, larger brakes, and an aftermarket suspension upgrade — now it was time to roll on the Nürburgring. The amazing in-car video shows how nimble and agile the Tesla Model 3 Performance can be on the race track.

The instant acceleration of the Tesla Model 3 shames most of the Porsches, BMWs, and other German-made cars at the Ring as witnessed in the following video.

Nürburgring became the topic of discussion in the electric vehicle universe last year when Tesla took two of the Plaid Model S Prototypes to the race track for testing. Tesla claimed that the Model S Plaid has broken the Porsche Taycan’s record lap time, however, this wasn’t validated by the Ring officials.

We will surely be seeing more of the action once the Model S Tri-Motor Plaid cars reach Nürburgring again sometime.

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